Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't have a baby, or a dog. I have an iMac.

Let me blog again, my shiny little friend.

My internet went out for a couple of hours today. Once I got over my initial panic and drank a can of diet coke, I used my caffeine buzz to go into cleaning overdrive. I couldn't pass a chair that was askew. I evenly spaced an ipod, pen, flash drive, and even a key that was sitting on a small pile of paper. Then I noticed that my stainless steel and white plastic friend was showing a little wear. The keyboard buttons were smudgy and dirty, the mouse not showing its usual patent finish. Armed with low-moisture anti-bacterial wipes, I spent the next 45 minutes using a fingertip to individually clean each button, using the mini swirl method. (The apostrophe button, by the way, was by far the dirtiest.) Then I polished the mouse, cleaning the trackball and the underside. I even cleaned the cords.

I had been looking at my keyboard with guilt for the past couple of weeks. Now I feel like a burden has been lifted. Now, my only worry is that I am developing a mad case of OCD.


Mike and Joelle said...

oh my goodness you guys are so cute! I can't believe Jon is starting dental school! WOW. well I'm excited to keep in touch. I was wondering what happened to everyone... :)

linds said...

It's not OCD it's the Lorrie Naylor gene! You have the ability to love cleaning! Look at you go! I think I picked it up as well, seeing as I have I gone through our entire house and organized upside down and backwards! Yeah for moms!

Lorrie said...

OCD?--not possible, as far as cleaning goes!

The Broadbents said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while so I'm going to comment on the last few entries. First I love Cannon Beach. I'm glad that Dan's dreams of a beautiful beach will not be dashed. We will definitely have to make that trip while you are there. Second, I can't believe how long Jon's beard got. He looks good without one, but I will have to say I didn't mind the trimmed version of the old beard. Third, way to go Jon for getting into an amazing dental school. I know you will do great.

Billy and Megan Smith said...

Hey Malorie, I've got a whole 12 pack of coke, so if you ever need an ocd fix, come on over!