Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been a half decade, Provo

Yes, this is a place people live. We were built into the back corner of a business building, and the weirdness of its locale insured no boys selling newspaper subscriptions ever stopped by. Or trick or treaters.

Thanks for the good times. It's weird to leave the only place me and Jon have known as a couple, and the place where I learned to be independent. I was able to leave my apartment this week with happy memories and a little sadness, probably because we left before it became a literal oven. I'm going to miss this weird little place, with it's 50 year old plumbing fixtures, wavy glass panes, glass doorknobs, and the impossibility for any visitors to find it. I won't miss the leaky faucets, the mouse who had the last word the night before we moved (in the form of poop in our bed--I know, that's gross and probably an overshare), or the lack of insulation and pirate neighbors. I found myself thinking about moving in after being married for 3 weeks, and the magic of having our own place and starting this whole chapter of our lives, completely blind with a truck full of furniture and a goldfish. And now we're starting a whole new chapter, with a truck full of furniture and a collection of random musical instruments. (hopefully a new puppy, too!). I'm being really nostalgic and I'm sorry about that, it hasn't been until this second that I've realized how much I'm going to miss that place.

Now we're off to Europe for three weeks, and I'm feeling excited and completely clueless. I'll try to check in, but there may be a lull in posts for a bit. Next, on to Portland with a little bit of Boise thrown in between. Which is never bad.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keeping Up With the Naylors, or And Baby Makes Nine

Dear Dad: I never thought your mid-nineties Ray Bans would become trendy. Now they are a treasured hand me down like your muskrat hat. Here's hoping fur flap hats become an indie hit!

This week I read an article about how Mormons do exceptionally well in reality shows. They deal well with new situations, are slightly weird and extremely competitive, and can create soulful pop ballads out of any historical rock song. It made me think about how my family would fare as a reality show (preferably on E!). During our family vacation to San Diego this past week, there was no shortage of witty and sarcastic comments, and when placed in close vicinity, tension can build. Highlights would include:

  • A montage of my dad using a concierge service for every task imaginable, like getting a sharpie pen to write names on cups, or getting directions even when there was a Garmin in the rental car.
  • My mom trying to save every bit of food in the condo from wasting, leading to the question, "If we pack sugar in plastic bags, will airport security think this is cocaine?"
  • Leaving 4 month old Reese with four immature, incapable aunts and uncles. Let's throw a poopy diaper in the mix for fun.
  • Going out to the end of the famed jetty on seal beach and expecting not to get wet. Later we emerge, one monster wave later, miserable with soaked skinny jeans.
  • Nighttime antics: Kenzie throwing fits ala Kim Kardashian because the sofa bed was unsleepable, and snored at the beginning of every night.
  • Lorrie leading morning yoga sessions and "active dynamics," including uncomfortable looking bear crawls and extremely sore muscles. And Kenz damning said bear crawls.
  • Purchasing our first mini accordion at a farmer's market--a Mexican themed instrument made possible by Chinese manufacturing. And how this accordion was genius in keeping Reese from screaming.
  • And for a dramatic episode, exploring the discrimination experienced towards Mormon middle aged couples who go to a coffee house for the first time and order hot chocolate. Service really shuts down when hipster baristas smell a whiff of a conservative Republican on crutches who doesn't know the difference between mountain blend and chai tea. My mom should have ordered. They would have sensed that she drives a Subaru Outback and practices yoga and left her alone. The hot chocolate was good though.
Of course, there would be some less exciting moments that would need to be edited out. Like watching Top Chef and Deadliest Catch for hours at a time, or eating string cheese while watching Ironman at 10:45 in the morning.

As long as it's edited correctly (e.g. I'm the good twin), I think we have a hit on our hands.

For more pictures of our trip, there are some here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm gonna keep it gold.

Easy peasy. Me and Kenz strollin in.

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would run a half marathon, I would have slapped you in the face and gagged a little bit. Running was gross. It was for "running people." I was an "ellipical person." However, Kenz and I made a goal in January that we would finish a half marathon hand in hand come May. It seemed so far away and far fetched at the time. We had just finished a goal that took weeks to finish--running a mile without stopping. Now we were going to do 13?

Me and Kenz decided that our first half marathon would be a party. Hand sequined matching outfits? Check. Matching playlists with greats such as Leslie and the Lys and Kanye? Check. Dance moves? Check. We danced and raised the roof at every opportunity. Each photo op was carefully planned and posed. It helped that the marathon was a little like a casual wine tasting. Gummy bears? Sure. Watermelon slice? Delicious! Would you like a sanitary hand wipe, ladies? Why yes, of course. This wasn't a run, this was a portable dance party on a first class flight. We saved so much energy and consumed so many calories along the way that we sprinted to the finish, with a major shout out from the announcer. ("look at these ladies bringing it home! Are you related?)

On another, completely opposite note, Jon decided to do the full marathon. He was excited to outdo me once again. After we had finished our race, and eaten our fill of jambas and creamies, we waited for him to finish. I finally see him coming in the distance, and he hardly responds to my cheers. I find him after sitting on the ground, looking pained. I was so excited and proud he finished! He responds, "I am never doing this again. This was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Harder than my mission." Jon had ran about half of the 26.2 miles with monster blisters. I mean, he had huge blisters coming underneath his toenails on each foot, almost popping the nails off. So sick. Now he's doing better, but my dad has had a little crippled friend in California for the past few days. However, if you are going to be injured, do it right before a flight. Jon hopped in a wheelchair and we totally bypassed the security line. Suckas!

We had a lot of friends do this race as well, and they all did awesome. Thanks to Leslie for being my super dedicated runner friend who inspired me when times were tough. I'm so glad I was able to do it with Kenz--one of my most favorite twin moments so far.

Friday, May 16, 2008

beauty is pain, people.

This morning I had two choices: pack for our California trip, or make button earrings to wear with my last-day-at-work-let-people-forget-my-uniform-of-sweatshirts-and-sneaks dress.

The right choice was obvious. They were slightly oversized buttons in the perfect shade of yellow, for crying out loud! (ps. I don't quite know what that phrase means.) I pulled out the krazy glue and put them together. I thought 15 minutes was enough to let them dry before I put them on.

Wrongo!! One hour later I was peeling a superglued button off my ear. So worth it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

60 Degrees= Summer Pool Party!!!

If Provo won't bring summer to us, we'll bring summer to Provo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

eat my bubbles

Can I admit something? I don't know how to swim. I mean, I can "swim" just like anyone else. But real swimming--goggles, the swim cap, knowing when to breathe, how to move your arms--I cannot do. The last time I learned how to time my breathing was "spitting watermelon seeds" at the BSU pool when I was 5. So I approached Jon's suggestion to swim laps last night with some trepidation. But then we were going to use kick boards so I felt better about taking the arms and breathing part out of the equation. We shared a lane and Jon started going before me. When I finally started (the water was kinda cold) he was about halfway down the lane. Well, I kicked and kicked and imagine my surprise when I found myself catching up, then passing Jon like he was standing still. I think he was as shocked as I was. Lap after lap I whizzed past that boy like I had flipper feet. Now for those who don't understand, I do not beat Jon at anything sports related. Kite flying, running, ping pong, bowling, nothing! And I tend to be quite competitive so it frustrates me to the point where wii tennis is a touchy subject now. So I was feeling pretty great. I almost let him win once on this really intense backstroke lap. But I didn't. Jon told me I could have been a great swimming talent. I told him that if I was a world class swimmer than I may not have gone to BYU, and we would have never met and then he's out an eternal companion, wallowing in loneliness. So I don't have any regrets.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am a painting genius.

This major creative work was a labor of love, born of sudden enthusiasm and three different craft stores. It took about 2 weeks of nights painting for 2-3 hours at a time. The kit says all ages, but I have no idea how a little kid would have the patience for this. So many tiny little numbers! Now I have to finish Jon's (he's lost some of his original enthusiasm). Blurg! I liked doing it--sitting for hours silently concentrating with some poo show like deal or no deal in the background. Jon rented a movie to watch while we painted, but a foreign film is not a good choice for an activity like this. We found a perfect kit for Tyler (unicorns, rainbows...), and Kenz ended up doing the whole thing.

Tigers in a majestic montage of fierceness.

Now I have no excuse not to pack up my house... double blurg.

New life goal: Have a family portrait painted. And I'll hold my favorite items, like a tiny teacup and a graham cracker with frosting.

Jon's supposed to be imitating the painting, but it really looks like he is protecting it from danger.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I blame you, google reader.

I purchased this on a whim yesterday. It's sold out on etsy (because of me--ha!), but you can get your fix of lions in tube socks here. That's assuming that you like lions with mustaches and socks, which you may not. But you probably do deep down.

Another blog-inspired purchase was this for my mom for Mother's day. (it's ok, she already opened it). Now I have gifter's envy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 posts for the price of 1...what?!

Twin husbands, twin mustaches.

Congrats, Jon. You have graduated. (yes, this post is late. My paint by numbers kit has been taking up all my free time lately.) The crustaceans you memorized, the papers I wrote. It was all worth it. Your beard and hair can grow. Although that did not stop you before. Now you go on to dental school, where I feel like I will see you a lot less. That makes me sad. But you will buy me a cute, small, slightly weird looking dog to keep me company.

Hooray! I remembered to bring a book during your graduation ceremony. But I yelled your name real loud.

Changing subjects... May tends to be slow at work. But I guess that statement was obvious. Kenz was having fun in Boise making fabric flowers with my mom, and I was jealous. So I felt like making my own flowers, but origami style. These little friends killed 45 minutes of my day. I highly recommend it. I flattered myself in remembering what a squash fold was--I did a lot of origami in the G.A.T.E. days. If you don't know what that is, you only need to look 2 posts below to get the gist. Let's just say I did a lot of pre-algebra in 5th grade. Along with making paper from scratch. And yes, I did strategically try to get a picture of a chihuahua in a toupee in the background. And my eMac circa 1996.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've had so many great moments lately that my mind o'er floweth.

1. One of the greatest meals at One World I have ever had. Chilean tofu, jicama salad, extra dark chocolate in my everything cookie with soy milk. No food was wasted. None.
2. Going to the airport=buy new issue of Dwell!
3. Jon teaching me to dive in a pool in the hot Mesa sun. I mean, kneeling on the edge with my arms above my head saying, "you mean I don't have to plug my nose? Really?"
4. Going thrifting and finding two great dresses.
5. Running 11 miles (PR!) with my mother in law.
6. Enjoying peeling 36 boiled eggs.
7. Talking with Sister Ricks for an hour, loving every second and giggling like old roomies.
8. Having Jon(!) suggest that we order fries and onion rings from Pete's fish and chips because he says it's worth it. He was right.