Friday, August 8, 2008

God's country

The other day we decided to go blueberry picking. Portland farmer's markets are great, but there are also so many farms where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables and it costs much less. This farm was amazing. The blueberry bushes were unassuming in the middle of a suburb, small and quaint. You just pick what you want, weigh them in an old fashioned scale, and put money in a drawer, all unsupervised.(for $2 a pound!) We were alone, just picking berries in the sunshine and eating handfuls. We picked carefully, practicing "no berry left behind" much like anything we do--no quinoa left behind, no wheat chex left behind, no strawberry left behind. On Jon's suggestion, we each got a big handful and put them all in our mouth at once, and I drove away happy looking at my bucket of blueberry friends. Yes, we are twelve.