Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day jitters!

Today Jon has his first day of dental school. I am so proud of him and amazed that this is actually happening after months of anticipation. He was nervous, as it is a new school with new people and he has to dissect a cadaver on his first day. We have been so lucky to spend just about every second with each other during the most adventurous summer of our lives. I loved every nanosecond of those seconds. Now I'm left to job hunt and do random things to fill my day. And yes, the beard is gone. Like Madonna, different phases of life require different looks.

We also had a great time with Jon's parents this past week, exploring different beaches and eating our way through Portland.

Oceanside and a spooky scary tunnel

Good news Mom--the kite you gave me freshman year flies like a dream! You are all jealous your mothers did not give you a ripstop nylon, eddie bauer kite. Although I did crash it in front of a lady who must not have understood English because she started running away when I was just trying to free her. I had to sprint a circle around her to finally get her to stop freaking out.

Jon has an entire sweatshirt devoted to the lighthouses of Oregon, so he was excited to visit this one.


Lorrie said...

Hooray for ripstop nylon kites, cadavers, and beardless faces!