Friday, August 29, 2008

I am home alone with a box of human bones

Me on a typical morning this week, job searching (but I am probably reading blogs)

Week 1 home alone roundup:

Greatest Moments:
Riding my bike to the bank (twice)
Meeting Jon for lunch
Cooking a large amount of brown rice in my new martha blue enameled cast-iron pot
Mastering how to sew a zipper (master is a strong word...)
Jay-Z dance party for one
Making Jon a lunch for school each day

Not so Good:
When the washing machine ate $1.25
Watching an old lady in a walker cross a street when it was red--frogger style--and I couldn't do anything about it (she crossed safely, and when I asked if she was ok she blew me kisses)
Applying for jobs and not hearing anything...
Saying "Alright, let's get crackin'!" out loud, to myself.


linds said...

That pretty much summed up my life last year. The only thing different this year is that the Jay-Z dance party is for two (Reesey). Haha! Miss you and don' get too bored!

James said...

you and wynn should be friends...sounds like identical lives on opposite coasts (only wynn technically hasn't applied for any jobs yet...still checks though)

hope you guys are doing well out there!