Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It might be feeling real now? 37 weeks

My baby is sleeping at the moment. In case you can't tell, I am holding it. Him. Got to stop doing that.

Also? Some advice for pregnant people worrying about maternity wear. I am still wearing my normal Shade shirts. I bought a maternity one and might need to save it for my friends who near the 6' mark. Seriously, they make some crazy long shirts. Their catch phrase should be "For Momos with freakishly long torsos."

Monday, May 24, 2010

for a good cause

Sometimes I get a little enthusiastic about things. Especially food.  After my church announced a dessert auction, I got cupcake crazy and started a multi-hour search on the internet for the perfect combination. Because I wanted to get top dollar. (Eventually) I settled on chocolate cupcakes, filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Luckily nothing went wrong and they were really fun to make. I got really excited about picking the most perfect looking twelve and finding out how easy and amazing chocolate ganache is. I definitely wasn't going to mention that the chocolate mousse was silken tofu blended with a bag of good chocolate (plus a little maple syrup), because one time my dad ate it and pronounced it delicious before he knew what it was. So, I didn't worry about it much. Anyway, I will modestly say there was a small bidding war--I just hope whoever ended up with them thought they tasted good.

I better get going--I am hosting book club tomorrow (book: In Defense of Food--read it!) and have hours of baking ahead of me...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday Food Carts and Matinee Movie Mornings

I borrowed this picture from my fave cart go-to site because I refuse to be that person walking around food cart pods with a large Nikon. I always see those people and am slightly embarrassed for them. Same thing goes at shows. It doesn't mean I will never take a picture at a food cart (now that I have a big bag I can be more conspicuous)--but, you know what I mean. 

Every Friday I pick Jon up from school for a little lunch outing. It started with me bringing subways into his cafeteria, but now it has become Food Cart Friday, a time to explore that magical world of food carts we love so dearly. I reserve a little time in my hours of web surfing per day to research new potential pods and carts. The best part is if we change our minds we can always find something, somewhere we want to eat. Last Friday Jon wanted an old standby, Whole Bowl, and I was feeling sick and couldn't even think of eating actual solid food--all I wanted was a smoothie. A short drive later and we were at a cart called the Portland Smoothie Company, where my need for something cold and non-acid inducing was met with a raspberry, marionberry, blueberry, and banana smoothie with soy milk (so good!). And this pod was a short walk to Voodoos to split a maple old fashioned. I love Fridays. And maple old fashioned doughnuts.

Next new tradition is titled Matinee Movie Mornings (Matinee Morning Movie? Morning Movie Matinee?). Jon decided we were going to go see actual movies while we can before baby comes (something we rarely do anyways--$!), and so we go to an early bird showing, which is an extra low price for the very first showing of the day (in this case, Iron Man at 10 am, $6). I think I'm going to bring a breakfast sandwich to the next one. Because I don't think anything sounds as awesome as eating breakfast in a movie theater. 

We have about four more showings, (more if I'm late, of course) and so what should we see next? Jon wants to see Robin Hood because he loves Robin Hoods. I only enjoy Robin Hoods with American accents and Morgan Freeman, so I'm not so sure. [I was shocked years ago to find that "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" was Jon's favorite movie. I thought it was a joke. He honestly, genuinely, non-ironically loves it. I like it too now, but mostly because I think it is hilarious.]  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nesting Week 36:

Dyeing onesies, getting my hair cut, getting my glasses adjusted, throwing away my spice rack. All very essential things. Especially the hair cut and glasses, both were driving me a bit crazy.

Things I need to do this week: Order car seat (today!), get a pediatrician, buy new pajamas, make relaxing playlist, get fake candle things, try and get a few more things on my "things I need to get for baby" list...

Is it weird that I'm stressing out that I don't have burp rags?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

He's the smart one

I just watched my brother graduate law school seconds ago due to the wonders of the internet. I wanted to be the first to blog about it to get extra brownie points since I could not be there. He is the first "doctor" of the 3, the two other pending.  I'm sure it will be a good joke later between the D.D.S. (or is it D.M.D? Whatever Jon will get) and the PhD if a J.D. is really a doctor? My Dad would be on his side, I'm sure.

He'll have to let me know what non-student life is like, because I have no comprehension of that world. (working? for real money? wha...?) Congrats Jake, I'm proud of you!

I even got a screen shot picture. How about you, Kenz?

Monday, May 10, 2010

feel free to zoom in on this picture

Ah, Mother's day. I kept my requests modest, as I am technically a mother, but my sacrifices remain limited to lots of heartburn, a significant weight gain, and fishy morning burps (thanks, omega-3 pills!). I really wanted three things: Cinnamon swirl french toast, root beer floats, and no dishes. And I would be happy if Jon handed me a single dandelion, but he got me some pretty flowers too.

But let's talk about the real suspense of Mother's Day for Mormons (and I'm sure other religions as well)--what are they going to hand out at the end of the meeting? Since becoming an "adult" woman I tend to scrutinize the choice carefully. The two (!) Mother's days at BYU when I was handed a pamphlet with church talks were not good years. In fact, I left rather offended and usually threw it away with an eye roll and a sarcastic grumble about how the men in the church have no idea how to handle this sensitive day (candy! chocolate!  Even one of those flower pots are fine). Let's ignore the fact that I could have used the advice given in those talks I never read. But giving mothers a talk about being better mothers is not good idea.

Yesterday I have to admit I was almost giving into emotional pregnancy hormones at times, but my eyes really started to mist as the army of adolescents marched down the aisles at the appointed time. Lo and behold those 13-year-olds were carrying mini loaves of Great Harvest cinnamon burst bread, which is quite possibly the greatest use of refined white flour ever devised. I cradled that thing like I would a newborn child, except more carefully. Not even tied with a pretty ribbon or card, this gift said, "Thanks for all you do. You are amazing." To which I felt like replying, "I am hardly deserving, but humbly accept." I think I actually whispered that into my purse during Sunday School when I checked to see if it was doing ok.

[UPDATE: It seems like I changed something about my comments that made them not work. They should work now if you would like to share what you got for Mother's Day! Sorry.]