Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a bunch of stuff

 Theo loves smoothies, and watching Elmo and Thomas the Train. I love his eyeballs.

 Trying on some leggings I was making for a baby, excuse the threads

 Sewed up a tie and bow tie last minute so my boys could match for Easter Sunday. Luckily you are all missing the millions of close up shots of Theo's face because my camera battery was dead.

 Theo used to go down to sleep like a champ but now is determined to protest every single time for a few minutes. It leaves him often falling asleep with his head against the crib rails. No wonder he doesn't like falling asleep.

I have restarted this post so many times--I literally (and I mean it literally) just rolled my eyes at myself. For some reason summarizing my life right this second is a challenge, and I also just spelled reason with a z. My name is Malorie, and I am 32 weeks pregnant, losing my mind. I'm getting large, baby girl rolls around constantly and unlike with Theo I have no idea where she is in my belly. My pregnancy is generally similar to the first time, except I'm not trying to do silly things like run, or do much of any exercise for that matter. I used to worry about that and then I realized that taking care of a toddler is actually much more taxing and exercise worthy  than all the yoga and other stuff I did with Theo. Plus, as a carrier pigeon for all things germ and disease related, this little boy is giving me a lot more to deal with. But now I've had a sinus infection so severe that I feel ready for another bout of natural childbirth (should it happen). Thanks Theo!

But besides all that, I have to note just how excited I am to meet our little girl! It feels so different when you actually know what to expect after the baby is born, instead of focusing so much on pregnancy and birth. Theo points to my belly and calls her by name, which basically means he thinks my belly button has a name, but she is such a big part of our family already and we love her so much.

Here are some random life photos that don't match anything I just wrote. Theo has become such a classic boy, loving trains, cars, and buses. He also has one mean throwing arm (especially when you get a bouncy ball to the face). He is talking so much more now, still mostly doing one to a few two word phrases but every bit helps. He says "I love you" like a dog would, mimicking the sound pattern, but it melts me every time. One of his favorite phrases is "1, 2, 3, blast off!" And he now is really good at jumping! These are the things my life is made of and I pretty much love it.