Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm gross.

I somehow got peanut butter on my glasses today. And I might have licked it off. And It might have taken more than one swipe.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am not a used car salesman for many reasons.

Kenz and I were in the Japanese bookstore, looking at the tiny plastic sausage erasers and Hello Kitty staple removers, when we saw tiny replicas of Eames chairs in 4 inch square boxes. We realized we needed matching Eames Rockers. A tiny alarm went off in my head ("Jon is going to think this is a knick knack...he will not enjoy this..."), but it was ignored, tiny chairs purchased. We came home and opened the boxes, thinking some number in Japanese on the side told us the model we picked out. Not true. One was a molded plastic-type chair, the other a more boring office type chair. We were kind of bummed...They were also way smaller than anticipated (my first two fingers hardly sit comfortably). I figured I'd just return them since they seemed to fall under their return policy.

I went back today to return the chairs. I was greeted with a blank stare. I told her I wanted to return them. She became uncomfortable and was looking at the policy to see how I could be rejected. She muttered something about a "surprise box," and went to get someone else. After a lot of Japanese, girl #2 bluntly told me they fell under the "stationary" category and they were not returnable. Then they blankly stared at me. I was (understandably, I thought) confused. And, when given a blank stare and no talking, I start in with slightly sarcastic questions.

Me: "Stationary? Is that because you can write on tiny plastic chairs?"
Her: (stares)
Me: (stares back)
Her: Actually, they are a surprise box, and you can't return those.
Me: "That's not listed in your policy." (nor on the box--although it's all Japanese)
Her: (stares)
Me: "So... surprise boxes aren't listed on the policy because you want to "surprise" the customer when they want to return it?"
Her: (stares).

You get the idea. After a few seconds I realized that we were in a staring contest and I was competing against a master of stoicism. I made a few frustrated noises, conceded defeat and walked away, although fuming. I bought some tiny bottles of fibe-mini (see below) to ease my anger, and got comfortable with my two new knick knacks.

One more thing--A definition of a "knick-knack" would be a small item placed on display with no real purpose or use. Imagine my surprise when I found my knick-knack hating husband's gift to the book case recently...

So what's worse... a tiny replica of iconic design, or a replica of a housemember's teeth gathering dust?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Can everyone move here?

The bacon-maple bar was about as weird as originally anticipated.

Just some kids, makin pizzas.

After a week of ice cream (5x), doughnuts (2x), and pizza (4x) in a week, I am not so sure.

I have had the best week! Kenz and Tyler came to visit, and Jake, Lindsay and Reese drove down from Moscow for the weekend. It was her birthday, and she decided that 4 extra adults, a 7 hour drive, and an air mattress was a decent way to celebrate. (I owe you!) There was plenty of sunshine, and it was good to hang out with baby Reesie. We definitely need to plan more kids and kids-of-kids only weekends. I tried to fit in a few Portland local faves--Voodoo doughnuts, the Hawthorne district with it's many vintage treasures, NW 23rd, and local ice cream with a few recycling cycling hippies thrown in.

Kenz has straggled behind since she came over 2000 miles, and we have explored Japanese stores, food carts, and the one thing we both love to do--make time-consuming food. And watch Golden Girls. I was hosting book club and we spent the better part of two days making chocolate covered marshmallows (two batches--we messed one up), lemon poppy seed shortbread cookies, spring rolls, and hummus. I'm also glad she was there to alleviate what is usually a stressed out hostess situation. We also tried bubble tea (juice in our case) which was kind of strange, and this Fibe-Mini -- Which was delicious! Tiny bottle, cool label, and 6 grams of fiber. Dreams are made of less than this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

stop animation please!

Also found on this site--a film about a lady who knits miniature sweaters (I mean tiny!). And this film is named "mustachio." There is no need to even ask you to enjoy this, cause you just will. And I might be looking forward to this movie quite a bit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

don't fall for it.

I'm not trying to talk bad about the New Year. But don't you get sick of everyone talking about New Year's resolutions? As someone who has only 5 tv channels and a regular Today viewer, I have seen enough tips to eat healthy, save money, and save money while being healthy to last lifetimes. Don't even get me started on the catchy "New Year, New You" phrases. I still have things I'm trying to work on, however small and vague my goals are.

My main goal was to run outside even if it's raining, because I live in Portland--If I wait for the sun I may be inside until June. So yesterday it was a squelchy, rainy day, but I suited up and started running. One mile in, I was running in a slight drizzle and my headphones made a jarring, brain cracking sound and my music died. I guess you aren't supposed to clip your shuffle to the outside of your jacket in the rain?! I mean, the thing looks like it is made of stainless steel...shouldn't a rainy mist be safe? I'm letting it dry out for a few days to see what happens, (one major tip on the internet--do not turn it on! Wish I would have known that before I tried to turn it back on 10 times.) but it looks like shuffle #2 has eaten it, effectly spitting into the face of my resolution.

New resolution: Get Kenz to visit!

Eight days in, and I'm pretty much done. So here is my New Year tip--Make really small, achievable goals, preferably relying on the actions and choices of someone else. If you don't, mother nature do all in her power to destroy your will.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Slippers, silk PJs, and sunshine!

We had a great Christmas break--we made it to Arizona late Christmas Eve and there was no sleeping in the airport, we spent time with nieces, family and friends, and we put in 22 miles of running in one week! I also got to pick oranges. It was mostly a week of relaxing and eating out way too much (thus the 22 miles...).

But we're back, airing out our old-smelling place and recovering from the "cabin pressure malfunction" on the plane that caused me a little stress. I was waiting for the oxygen masks to drop, and Jon was waiting for the feeling to come back to his hand after my crushing grip. I am blowing this out of proportion, but if you know me, this is normal. My reaction is looming disaster, Jon just wonders why his ears popped so suddenly.

Magnet especially for Jon, hand stitched by Tyler Sasser

First reaction: Punny insult. Second reaction: Horrendously painful grammar. Erin would appreciate.

I made my first quilt with help from Quilt Master Lorrie, made cuter with a sleeping Paige.

Treasured my time with these girls.