Thursday, August 30, 2012


About two months ago, Theodore turned two. Unfortunately his birthday got a little squished by things like new little sisters, graduation, and moving across the country. We celebrated by going to Jamison Park downtown and most importantly, getting french fries for dinner. Theo has become such an active, engaging, adorable toddler. (and maybe a bit unadorable at times, as he is a toddler after all--we love him all the same.)

Things he loves right now are Thomas the Train, Shaun the Sheep, car keys, sitting in the driver's seat of any car (obsessed with this one), ice cream cones, french fries, smoothies, snuggles, climbing on anything, pointing at Margot's eyes, and repeating anything he hears. He has been such a loving big brother who loves to point out too loudly that "Margot's shleepin!" The prayers he says at night slay me with cuteness. It's hard not to give him anything he asks for, his little voice is so cute. Love you Theo, hope your second year is just as great as the first!