Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Boy.

 Every day I am in awe of everything Theo is learning and doing. Understanding more, saying more words, saying "toot toot!" when he hears a, you know, toot... (I am especially proud of this one, it's hilarious). Lately he sounds like a little Frenchman as he has to add some sort of sound before a word (ze hat! ze cars!) or German (und bar!). I signed him up for swim lessons, and Grandma Hall (swim instructor extraordinaire) would have laughed at this class because I think all he learned was to forget how to blow bubbles in the water. Lots of playing with toys.

And... the haircut. !!! We were not coerced by the public that thought he was a girl every day in the park, but we felt like it was time. So off we went to a kid's hair place, where Theo sat in a car, got to watch Elmo, and play with toys--it was genius. Best $20 spent all day. He was surprisingly calm unlike me, I was in such a nervous frenzy I forgot to change the settings on my camera. I am in love with his little boy cut--we just told the hair stylist we wanted him to look like his dad. All the beautiful baby curls are gone, but now we are left with this little boy who somehow aged dramatically. And everything he does now seems cuter? I don't know--this kid slays me.