Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Decorating tip:

You should have something to contemplate whilst participating in necessary time consuming activities.

This picture is hanging in our bathroom. For me, it's an opportunity to explore the lives of 15 young people from a different time. Top left corner might be Candi. With her perky blonde bob, she is the life of the party and most outspoken member of the glee club. She loves Donny Osmond and is never without a Homecoming date. Candi married her high school sweetheart Don, who now owns the Quik-E Vacuum Repair downtown.

Middle row, second from right: Eddie. He grew up in a military family and mows lawns on the weekends. He has a girlfriend named Belinda who is appropriately practical and just good looking enough. Eddie worries about proving himself to his father but has secret dreams of jam sessions on the electric guitar with Herbie Hancock.

Bottom left corner: Margaret. She is an active member of 4-H and makes a mean current jelly. She is the oldest of 6 kids and thrives in leadership roles (and don't call her Marge). She used to have a boyfriend but her obligations with the prom committee got in the way. Cracking under the pressure and dateless for the prom she planned, Margaret got a little sauced after drinking too much punch and ended up kicking in the bass drum of the big band. Later, Margaret would go on to be the first woman governor of Nebraska.

But that's just what I think. Let me know who your favorite is and please introduce us.


Spenceanna said...

Haha--you are too funny! I was laughing out loud reading about your "friends".
I think far right on the middle row for sure helped with the satellite that is now on Mars...or he taught the ones who did.

Kenzie said...

Fourth on the right top row: Hattie, who just got a new haircut, but is ruing the day because she realizes that her head looks like a strawberry.

Kirt said...

Top row, numbers 2 and 3 are guys who have always struggled with proportion. #2 and his ears, and #3 and his hugmongous head. #2 also looks like he must have been a brainiac, graduating high school with Doogey Houser at the age of 12. I'm sure #3 was the Center for the football team--he could make a hole in a brick wall with that head. And maybe he did.

Lorrie said...

bottom row, middle, is Trixie, short for Beatrice. She hates it that her parents named her Beatrice, but Trixie is a pretty good nickname. Trixie always spends the first day of school correcting teachers who call her Beatrice. She's a whiz in math, and likes baking double batches of cookies, because she gets to double the fractions, and that's always fun. She has a boyfriend name Don, but only calls or sees him on Friday night, because school nights are just too busy doing Calculus homework.