Saturday, February 11, 2012


I haven't been so good at documenting Theo's "firsts." I typically remember an approximate age he starts doing certain things, but I know there will be few times in the future that I will care about the age he rolled over, so I don't worry about it too much. I also know that many of the current things that I think are so amazing (he recognizes the letters P and O! Can tell the difference between my twin and me in pictures!) will lose their dazzle among continuous new achievements. But the other day, I noticed a freckle on his left leg. A single, dark freckle--the only freckle on his entire body. Theodore has a mother and father who genetically gifted him with vampire skin prone to many freckles, moles, and inevitable sun damage. With this one freckle it hit me that he is growing up into a little boy that will have scars and sunburns and maybe even a broken bone someday, but surely more freckles. I really want to remember the time that he just had one. And now I want to take my hormonally charged pregnant self and cry in the corner over the general passage of time and what it has done to my former baby boy.

(I also want to be able to remember that time in his life when strangers constantly thought he was a girl. I just try to document the important things.)