Sunday, December 28, 2008


Two years.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Hallidays

I can read your thoughts.

Jon and I in Arizona bound winter wear, waiting for the train, for the bus, for the cab, that would take us back home after a failed attempt to escape this "artic blast" that is frankly, getting a little old.

After you read this post the first thing you think will be: "I'm glad that's not me. I'm glad I was able to fly home to meet my family for Christmas, and not have my flight canceled and likely spend Christmas Eve in an airport. I'm glad I was not stuck in a snow storm trying to get to the airport and have to turn around half way after the second cancellation of the day. I'm glad I needlessly did not open my Christmas presents early. I'm glad my department of transportation has a way to deal with record breaking snow (or any snow)."

After having hopes dashed and moments when I feel like the universe has turned its back, I have to look at the positives. We have a flight scheduled for early Christmas morning that for now is not canceled. We have newly purchased tire tubes for sledding our neighborhood's snowy hills. We have great friends with a fireplace, generosity, and a newly purchased Christmas tree (stranded vacationers band together!) We have saved tons of money in gas while our car sits under a pile of snow.

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes you actually live out a piece of a horrible 80's Christmas movie plot, but we still have each other and Jon is going to have angel food cake tomorrow. And I have 5 new mini bowls. Everything is going to be ok.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

don't eat lunch next to a 5 lb box of chocolate

While eating my lunch...

Co-worker walks into the kitchen.

"So, it looks like someone has taken out a knife to cut all the chocolates in half. I guess they want to see if they like what's inside."

I nod my head. "Yeah, looks like it. But they probably don't want to eat the whole thing, either."

"And, someone really likes dark chocolate. Almost all of them are gone."

"Wow, yeah. Uh huh..."

(So getting out the knife was a bad idea? However, I have no regrets or apologies for eating the dark chocolate.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Day!

I couldn't even venture outside to take this picture.

After enjoying mildly rainy temperatures in the mid forties for the past few weeks, Portland finally hit a cold snap. For the past week all we've been hearing about is "the storm." Snow was coming, and the world as we know it would be different. At the ward Christmas party they announced that they would let us know if church would be canceled due to snow. Church canceled because of snow? But this morning we woke up earlier than usual because Jon was speaking. No snow. Ten minutes later, it starts snowing. Ten minutes after that, we get the call that church is canceled. Now, it did snow all day, probably 2 inches, with a lot of wind. But I'm not used to that amount shutting down a major city. News shows warned of the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite, and chains were advised. Jon's school is canceled tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't have to go into my temp job tomorrow...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The suspense!

I can imagine few things that create more Christmas joy than printing Christmas cards while drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, and listening to motown holiday melodies. (and I think we made just enough for those who have requested one!)

Thanks to our friends who provided the letterpress, ink, instruction, aprons, design skills, hot chocolate, cookies, music, and cards. (!)

We can't even try to repay them at the same level of coolness. Sundaes and free babysitting? Naming rights to our firstborn? Unlimited accordion serenades?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Practicality-1, Vanity-0

The largest pupils I have ever experienced. Please ignore the Brooke Shields-like growth above my eyes.

My roommates in college gave me cat-related nicknames. This was brought upon by my awkward movements, sometimes high pitched noises, and huge pupils. And I might have crouched on counter tops. After an unusual freshman roommate who chose to be called "kitty" and spoke to her cat on the phone, I did not particularly enjoy those comparisons. I tried to stop cat like behavior, but things like my pupils could not be helped.

Those memories resurfaced today as I sat in the optometry office of the aptly named Dr. Peek, who asked me a question I have never heard in all my many years of eye exams--"Is it ok if I dilate your pupils?" My first instinct was to look disgusted and refuse. I thought dilating eyes at exams went out of style about the same time hard contacts went extinct. Plus, weren't my pupils massive enough on their own? The wrap around sunglasses, the sensitivity to light--timidly I found myself saying, "Ok." The exam wasn't all that bad besides the million-candle-power lights shined into my retinas, Dr. Peek's bad breath (how do you not have breath mints as an optometrist?), and how he kept calling me "ma-LOR-ie". I actually left with a little optical pat on the back as my eyes have finally stopped worsening and improved instead. ("Well Dr. Peek, if you have to know, I do take a vitamin D supplement daily.")

As I left, I was given a pair of magical wrap arounds that clung to my face. I accepted them because I thought they were funny, not because I would actually wear them. As I was squinting painfully on the drive home, I gave up and stuck them on my face, and sighed in relief as the bright lights dimmed.

Much better.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

yuletide shout outs

To all our wonderful friends and family-

We are sending out Christmas cards this year, and would love to include all our family and friends in what will surely be a singular amazing moment in your Christmas experience. However, I have almost no addresses. So if you are reading this and you think, "Oh, she has my address. We have the same birthday and shared a womb."

You are WRONG.

So if your connection with me or Jon is anything less personal than womb sharing, I would love it if you left a comment with your address or sent me an email at maloriehall [at] If you want to get one, we want to send you one. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

$100 buys a literal car load

Going home to Boise means lots of food, family and thrifting! Having 5 stores close by causes spending problems. We found some great things, and here's a peek at a few things I should be posting on the shop tomorrow...