Friday, June 26, 2009

Almost done! Kind of

Jon finished his first year of dental school yesterday. I told him to sit back and relax, run a marathon with me tomorrow, and start school in another week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks Google.

You give me money while I learn things (Bruce Lee did not complete his college degree; the Chinese used forks before they used chopsticks) but you also let me know that the striking bird I saw outside my window with the mohawk was a Stellar's Jay.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What came in it, you ask? One pair of shoes.

Possible parachute.
Unusual size.
Pleasingly crinkly.
Waterproof potato sack races.

All reasons why this bag is not being thrown away.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, the dancing at the reception was as good as imagined.

Last week Jon and I took a long awaited trip to New York to see our friends Meredith and Eric get married. Their marriage was an illustration of an important lesson learned--If your friends want to create a cover band in college, do it. You may just meet your husband through the friends of those who admire your better looking bandmates, and that husband might have a friend who will be perfect for another former band member.

We had so much fun exploring the city, randomly seeing Cameron Diaz when we would have rather found a Pinkberry (I now understand Kenz's unabashed love--nothing is like Pinkberry on a humid New York day). Other highlights--Flea markets and horrible haggling skills (Jon: "That seller accepted my price way too fast."), large hard candy lumps shaped like drumsticks, anonymously gifting our camera to a stranger in Central Park (i.e. losing it), Harlem and the projects, having your picture taken like you were a tourist attraction, mexican style corn, Brooklyn, Amber, Darien, Nikki, and Tiffany. And of course the wedding, which was beautiful. Spending most of the trip with my friends was amazing, especially since we are scattered across the country. Jon was a dear to be the lone man, although I like to think he fit right in with us.

I miss these girls almost as much as I miss Amber's rat tail.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Did you know Tiki's a twin?

I watch the Today show more than should be admitted, but yesterday they did a story about a school that had a bazillion sets of twins. Lately, living so far from Kenz has made me feel less twinny but stories like that make me think--"I'm a twin too! Switching classes is a bad idea!" It has been interesting to live a life right now that is the closest to a singleton that I have experienced, but I secretly miss the weird looks, the funny stories, that thing that makes me different than most.

We have been asked a lot of questions over the years, and one regular has been, "Do you feel each other's pain?" I always thought that was a laughable question. However. Kenz has been sick lately with a fever and sore throat. Yesterday I felt my tonsils swelling for no apparent reason and later that night I felt the sensitive skin that lets me know I have a fever (98.8, which actually is a low grade fever for someone who has a normal core temp of 96.9--am I cold blooded?). Many times this since we moved I will tell her I'm not feeling good only to find out she is feeling the same way. So what is it? Coincidence or mystical twin echo sickness?

Monday, June 1, 2009

everything's better with Cap'n in front

Why are seals so fun to watch?

The Astoria Column, which chronicles life in the west "after the white man arrives."

And lastly, my new "job"--hanging out a couple days a week with this Boston/Frenchie beauty. She's cute, quiet, and loves to cuddle. Sigh.