Saturday, January 30, 2010

the sun (and reflection off my white skin) was blinding

Our store bought navels do not come close to these Arizona beauties. I think a single tear rolled down Jon's cheek as he ate the last one brought back from our sunny trip.

(Side note: He also excels at cutting of people's heads with the Holga)

Monday, January 25, 2010

baby feets

All we need now is a tiny seersucker suit. Or a wool sport coat with elbow patches. Mini hi-top chucks. Lots of stripes and hoods. Cardigans and cords. Who says dressing a baby boy is less fun? (Kenz, the masculine pom-pom hat is still expected. Can I request some ear flaps?)

Friday, January 22, 2010

New friend-in-laws

I have spent this week feeling a little guilty (but barely) because compared to the rush of Christmas, I have had little to do with my time. Which means I spend many afternoons reading and taking naps. Two of my friends got married during and right after our break, so combine making two quilts at the same time, making/finding/buying about 20 different presents for Christmas (and some birthdays), 3 viruses, and general not-feeling-good-ness and fatigue due to a little friend spending some time in my belly (gender TBD in one hour), I presented my mom with two half finished quilts at the break that she most generously helped me finish. 

My mom has made quilts for weddings forever, and now that my friends have started to get married, it has been special for me to make something for these girls that have been so wonderful to me. I like picking patterns that fit their personality, thus Nikki's is more modern, random, and geometric--Darien's is more traditional and timeless. I only have pictures of Darien's finished quilt top (I'll have to ask her for completed ones) so the next picture is a half finished representation of hers (with bad lighting):

How cool is "Crockett" as a new last name? Totally sounds like a band. Their weddings were very different--Nikki's was relaxed and small (and snowy), Darien's traditional and large (and sunny). Both were so wonderful, but the best part was getting to know their new husbands more and seeing how happy and perfectly matched they all were. Tiff got a lot more fun pictures of Darien's wedding than me (including a Jon and Brandon and baby family picture that should not be missed) but here is a small highlight of both.

Highlight:  The accordion player dedicated a song to the couple, introduced it as a romantic Italian favorite, Darien's then fiance Eric gets so excited that it will be the song from "Lady and the Tramp," and then he launches into a rendition of the theme from "The Godfather." Which has words? Didn't know that.

I don't know what bridesmaids are technically supposed to do, and I don't think we did any of it. But we did dance for 4 hours. It was so great to have Cassidy and Heather at this wedding too! So much fun. It took about 2 full days to physically recover from this weekend.

Highlight: Standing silent and still during the ring ceremony, the Bishop says the word "cleave," and Mere starts contagiously giggling.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Support Haiti (and get a deal yourself)

Ending at midnight tonight (Thursday), Portland artist Ryan Berkley is offering a buy two get one free on all prints with 10% going to the Red Cross. We love his illustrations and if you like portraits of animals dressed as people, you probably will too. And I think they look best in sets of three anyway.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift giving report card

Christmas for the Naylor family is a time to do two things. Make my dad laugh and my mom cry (happy tears, hopefully). Both things are pretty easy to do (dad crying is already a given) so we try to out do each other. I have to say I did a pretty poor job this year, as my other two siblings out gave me and really pulled out the big guns (my gift of a book was a long shot in the first place). Kenz really knocked it out with a beautiful homemade, home-dyed quilt especially for the giver of all quilts who rarely receives one. But really Kenz, the woman has enough quilts. I was left holding my book saying, "remember you watched this mini-series on PBS? And I thought to write in it but Dad told me not to give it to you but I did anyway so I half expected a return?" (And to respond to the forthcoming comment from my mother--she did like the book and appreciated the fabric bound Penguin classic, which is quite cool looking.)

I did get a (small) laugh from my dad. I got him a heart in Oregon shirt and as he opened it I said, "and the middle heart is green, just how you love being green!" (he recycles, he just doesn't admit it). The shirt was a mark of victory that the conservative guy has grown fond of our more liberal state. However, Jon, Tyler and Jake did the best by finding this gem for free in a thrift store--

Dad, Leftse. Leftse, Dad. This hand made Norwegian elf figure has a label on the stand that tells its history, which I don't remember but I'm sure includes scaring children to death on Christmas morning, knife held at the ready in the pouch at his waist. My Dad lived in Norway for two years serving a mission for our church and loves to speak the rarely useful language whenever he can. I repeat the words I know to Jon whenever I want a laugh. We all look forward to future Christmases where he will lay in hiding with his beady eyes and stuffed pantyhose face, scaring the Christmas spirit into all who find him.