Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is a toothbrush.

Not just any toothbrush. Sonicare would do well to hire me as a salesperson, as I have loved this toothbrush through the taunting of former roommates and many cavity free dental checkups (we'll see if that stays true next week--its been a while). I laugh and reminisce with the Sonicare representatives at Jon's dental fairs about the size and dexterity of the models of the past eight or nine years. Don't even talk to me about Oral-B's (ugh). We got this newest beauty for free recently (want one? It's easy, just take out loans the size of a large house to go to dental school for four years) and it sits happily next to mine.

At least, it was happy. Until, with a swift move of my elbow, I sent it across the bathroom and directly into the toilet. Yes, the toilet. The most unhallowed act you can bestow on a toothbrush. Luckily with my mothering instincts (they do exist!) I didn't hesitate a second to stick my arm in there to grab it. The resulting look on Jon's face was much worse than having an arm dripping with toilet water. A much cleaner person than I am, he was beyond horrified. I apologized to him, I apologized to the toothbrush. I threw away the brush head, I scrubbed with Clorox wipes. And while he has forgiven me, I'm afraid that the memory of my sin will remain and scar this toothbrush forever.

Monday, April 26, 2010

best. event. ever.

The only picture taken before the camera battery died. It was such a cute mini taco.

This weekend was Eat Mobile, an event where 30 different food carts gathered together to give away samples for a small entrance fee under the Morrison bridge. We bought wristbands about 3 weeks early (they sold out a few days before Saturday, but we wanted to be safe) and got in line a half hour before it started, because we are food cart nerds. A couple other friends joined us and we started waiting in line after line to sample things like maple bacon ice cream, korean fusion tacos, and waffle sandwiches. Picture the most amazing sample day at Costco (for me, July 4 2009--two words, hot dogs) and replace those smiling old ladies and frozen burritos with tattooed (generally) chefs handing you gourmet, sometimes very unusual (grilled peanut butter, bacon and jalapeno sandwich?) food for 2 hours. The 20 or so different foods mixing in my stomach caused a chemical reaction that needed about 7-8 Tums to soothe, but it was absolutely worth the burn. Already looking forward to 2011 (without a heartburn causing, stomach-shrinking baby in my belly).

Speaking of belly inhabitants, can I just mention that this little guy is bound to make his appearance in about a month and a half? Ummm, wha....? 

Friday, April 23, 2010

man oh man rainbow chip!

I had such a wonderful birthday week. I really like stretching my birthday into multiple days. (I went out to lunch four times this week! Birthdays are a perfect excuse.) Today I guess doesn't count cause it is Meet Jon for Lunch Fridays, where we tried a new food cart which has given me a food baby along with an actual baby. I think I was given about two pounds of basil pesto, most of which I ate. Then Voodoo doughnuts was such a short walk away... And now I am feeling some ill effects (worth it!).

I have also had some great friends give me baby showers, so I have been opening up presents all month. This week was an online baby shower, a technological miracle where someone in the group video chat usually ended up scrambled, but was still awesome.

My birthday has also given me a new bag that will fit all baby things, the actual baby and probably Jon if he gets tired (copied Kenz with this one). But even better than presents are birthday wishes from friends, so thanks for those. I will also add a lesson for birthday week--our computer hard drive crashed (again), but my life was not ruined because of a wise decision to use Christmas money for an external hard drive. One click of a button (thank you Time Machine! yea for macs) and my computer was restored exactly as I had left it. So friends, know that hard drives can fail at any time, and if you have the feeling you need to back up your shiz, do so. You can thank me later.

And with this long, photo-less, pointless post, I hereby end birthday week. I am off to sew an elastic waist skirt that is embarrassingly large, and therefore will fit me perfectly.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nature...robert goulet

The present I got Kenz for her birthday was accidentally shipped to me today, so now her present will be late.  I was so annoyed it triggered what I like to call "baby rage"--an annoyance that progressively grows to fuming anger followed by a headache behind the eyes and sometimes the urge to burst into tears. (This episode also caused an email to be sent to the seller with a subject that basically said, "I'm slapping you with negative feedback, beyoch"--albeit professionally, of course).  So after the present was re-shipped I decided to unwind by taking a nature walk and taking pretty pictures of pretty flowers. All the lilacs are in bloom and I feel like it's a special early birthday present to me, as lilacs are my favorite. (You know what else is a birthday present? Not living in Utah, where it tends to snow on my birthday.)

I feel so much better now. Now that I'm at one with nature, I might give a neutral rating instead.

p.s. Check out Kenz's guest blog...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bird in Hand, Pennslyvania visit is off the bucket list

Last week we traveled across the country to visit Kenz and Tyler, which is a lot of traveling to hang out and watch movies and eat lots of desserts. But luckily that's exactly what we wanted for spring break, and we got to spend a few days in D.C. too. Jon had one desire while there, which was to see Lincoln's hat (he had no idea where, just believed it would happen), and good thing it was one of the first things we saw. All I wanted to do was eat an Easter dinner with someone at the table wearing a gun, holster, and two extra clips of ammo, and I'm glad Tyler's second cousin's son was able to make that happen. (When you work in IT, you gotta be prepared, am I right?)

Cherry blossoms were out! And kites. Although I thought that there would be millions of trees everywhere blooming, and it was really just a couple patches.

Kenz threw me a pom pom themed shower that was awesome. Look at those amazing vintage baby shoes! She also got me a vintage maternity shirt, cause she knows what I like. And a hand knit hat with a pom pom on top. She is the best. [Right before this happened, some kids were playing on the basketball court and a boy fell on his face and chipped his tooth. Anyone who knows me well (owner of two falsies) would not be surprised at the extreme distress I felt. It took me a while to get over, while saying things like, "His life is never going to be the same!" "His mother is going to be so panicked," and "Why was that other girl laughing? She is a horrible, horrible person." I think when I grow up I'm going to start a charity called The Emergency Fund for Children Who Fall Teeth-First and Feel Guilty About Causing Expensive Dental Bills on Unsuspecting Parents, and a support group named "I Have No Front Teeth--How to Meet and Marry a Future Dentist."] That was a long aside.

It was such a wonderful trip, it reminded me of the old times when we all used to live in the same place and spend all our time together. Next time she sees me I will be sans bump and plus baby. Weird.

Monday, April 5, 2010

some of my baby's clothes are pre-worn

Gigi. Sorry we dressed you in a baby onesie (not really). But on the plus side, you now know your optimal size is 0-3 months.