Friday, January 28, 2011

slowly becoming an adult... slowly.

 Oh Altima. You grew mold in your trunk, and attracted deer wherever we went. Your grill ripped off on the freeway and we washed you too infrequently. I get the feeling we might not have sent you to owners you prefer, but please forgive me and know that I will always love you.

Recently Jon and I were discussing how we would love a new car. We also discussed how we shouldn't really buy one right now, but make ours work until whenever. So, yesterday we bought a new car. Well, a new to us car that my mom recently decided to give up. Long story short, our beloved Altima had too many problems and we decided to put it to sleep (or sell it on Craigslist). Our car sells quickly, some drama occurs (heated text messages after we were swindled a bit) and now we have more knowledge about what not to do when you sell your car--but it's done and now we are living the dream, driving a car we could sleep in the back of. A Subaru Outback is my Barbie Dreamhouse.

My mom purchased her own new Outback to replace her old one, and now even my dad--who was convinced that Outback drivers are socialists who live in communes eating only vegetables and wearing homespun hemp--is a fan. And Jon and I really fit in now, as Portland probably has the highest Subaru-to-recycling-bin ratio in the world.

The best part is that my mom drove it over so I was able to assist her, I mean she assisted me (cough), in doing a total reorganization of part of my apartment. My bedroom now looks like a bedroom, and not a walk in closet with a bed in the middle. Storage once lost is storage found. My mom took one look at the disarray under our bed and swore she would not stop until feng shui was restored. (Now the Outback driving mom married to the Glen Beck lover is making more sense, right? Although I can't misrepresent her, I'm sure she's a solid R voter who just lives progressively.)

THEO PHOTOBOMB! More on you later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 day weekend plus

Our friends David and Vanessa came to stay this weekend. As per tradition when they come, it rained the whole time and we ate delicious chicken tacos they made for us.  I really have not known Vanessa long, but we bonded over the fact that we are neurotic worriers and our hip bones collide with our ribs when we stand. Actually when I first met her I judged that she would be as cool as her wedding dress, and my prediction has not been wrong. (It's on the front of their blog--amazing!)

We were watching Modern Family one night and she happened to spot this:

That is Vanessa looking over Mitchell's shoulder. She was there for the taping that day and happened to see herself and the .2 seconds she strolled through the shot. Extra ten points for the creepster vibes she's throwing.

We spent part of a rainy day at Cargo checking out the tiny hats, cats and all the other random stuff you find there. I highly recommend this place, especially if you have a need for wooden matching mannequin heads.

Of course right when they left we got a break from the rain, and Jon and I walked around the Pittock Mansion grounds and had some exceptional sandwiches at Bunk. All in all a great weekend.

One last note, Theo also cut himself a tooth last week! I am going to miss all his gums, especially when he bites my finger. And when I am breastfeeding?! How does that work? I'm a little worried.

Monday, January 10, 2011

post holiday goaling

I did this on Saturday. Blame Groupon and its look alikes, and my friends for banding together to buy some classes from a place that also instructs grown women on how to pole dance. I needed to try something new since winter running is just not happening right now (it's too cold, too rainy, I'm too sleep deprived...who forgot to tell me 6 month-old babies morph into teething monsters that forget how great they used to sleep?). So, aerial yoga came into my life. Somewhat awkwardly, but effectively.  There were moments when I thought my liability waiver might become relevant (like when I was upside down with no real plan on how to right myself), but two days later my abs are still painfully sore. I'm looking forward to next Saturday, although the Zumba class this week will probably just remind me of the few shameful hip hop classes I took in college. Which was embarrassing for everyone involved.

While on the subject, with this new year I am going to pretend that a tiny little Jon is listening on my shoulder during all my conversations as to prevent verbal gaffes, find somewhere to play my violin on a regular basis, and to make time for writing and sewing.

One more goal: Make sure I never even think of attending the "Cardio Striptease" class.

Monday, January 3, 2011

sunny christmas

Christmas break went far too fast as usual. Jon is counting down the days of school he has left, but it will be sad when we have no more two week breaks. Here are some pictures--I'll try to tone down my rambling.

 We had a mini Christmas with our mini tree in Portland before we left. Theo loved eating the paper. We secretly love our Christmas-before-Christmas because we have little or no will power when it comes to opening presents.

Christmas day in Arizona, sunny and warm. Kenz made Theo this crazy awesome pom pom hat. Christmas in Arizona also means cinnamon rolls, which also means delicious.

 I got my 2-year old niece the world's first colored bubbles. (That's right--world's first!) I think I should have bought some for myself. The solution is dark (like permanent stain scary dark), but when you get some on your skin you simply rub it and the color disappears magically. So magically that I actually think it is magic. It reminded me of vaPOOrize. (Or am I the only one that watched this lame movie?)

 New matching church attire. Theo has developed a cute habit of sticking out his tongue.

 Climbed a portion of Camelback (mountain? hill? rock? I never am sure).

We went swimming for about 12 minutes. Theo was mostly indifferent and we like to avoid the sun at all costs to keep our vampire-like Oregon complexions. 
The lack of masculine cousin influence on this side of the family mostly gets Theo squeezed and held, which luckily he doesn't mind. (It makes me laugh how Paige is two yet looks the same size as a six month old. Is it me or does her head actually look smaller?) My nieces are so cute and they certainly love their little cousin.

We ended the break in Portland with our all time favorite pizza and a bit of reorganizing. We all got wonderful presents but my favorite thing was having our first Christmas as a new little family. This next year will have so many new experiences, and I am excited for whatever else it brings too. It may not bring me a pair of boots, as my quest seems destined never to end.