Wednesday, January 25, 2012

already missing portland

After spending a few weeks away from Portland during Christmas, I was missing it quite a bit. After over three years here it has really become our home. It makes me sad already to know that we will most likely be moving when Jon graduates school. Luckily this past fall my friend Katie, who is a very talented photographer and one of the hardest working people I know, took some family pictures for us and we are now enjoying them in our home. I love the location in Tryon Creek park, because no matter where we live they will remind me of our time here where we started our family. I've unfortunately learned from the past (ahem, wedding) that quality photos are worth the cost, and I am going to treasure these forever! Thanks for putting up with the most squirrel-y toddler around, Katie! 

Check out Katie here. She's spunky, easygoing and willing to get poison oak to capture you at your best. (That was actually for a friend's photoshoot--for us she got stinging nettle)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Babies everywhere

This picture is blurry, but is my favorite. Jon was so tortured on this photo shoot.

It feels so great to be back in Portland after a fun holiday in Boise with my family, and I am excited to finally share a bit of news with the internet--I am not just showing off a Christmas of overeating, but a baby too! And if the picture isn't too obvious, Kenz is as well! It has been so amazing to be pregnant at the same time as my twin, even though we live across the country from each other. Our first trimesters both consisted of a lot of texts to each other sharing our similar cravings (smoothies, so many smoothies...). We went to an ultrasound-in-a-box place over the break, and found out we are having a girl. We are very excited to meet a girl Hall baby, although Theo gets mistaken for a girl just about every day. So I guess there will be no mystery--she will look like Theo. 

I'm due June first and while I get a little nervous about it being three weeks before Theo's second birthday/days after Jon's final boards/two weeks before graduation/weeks before moving somewhere TBD, I try not to think about it. It will all work out. Probably. Yes. 

But really, I am so overjoyed and thrilled and excited to add to our little family. Kenz being pregnant too just makes it that much more amazing. She is going to be knitting up some awesome things and our little girl will have the cutest genetic half sibling around. Go visit her blog to find out what she's having!