Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Portland: A place Wal-Mart dares not go

Yesterday we drove to Portland because we figured we needed a place to live. Our plan to sleep in the back of my mom's Outback in a random parking lot was foiled and we ended up in the very comfy spare room of a fellow first-year's apartment/mansion. After seeing a bunch of places, we went to see this condo owned by Carole and Stephen, two very nice elderly Oregonians. Two girls had supposed preference, but after a visit with us, two non-smoking, non-drinking clean cut kids shacking up legally, I knew they could not say no. And they didn't. I know it doesn't look like the Atlas apartments, but the dishwasher and wood bark/grain wallpaper was thrown into the deal. And it is $695 a month for 2 bedrooms, which is a crazy crazy low low price! As we signed everything at Carole's, I swear she was going to bust out cookies and milk. But she did let us know when all the grocery store coupons came in the paper, and I feel like we made some real friends.