Monday, July 28, 2008

32 out of 80 aint bad. Actually, it is.

Milder example of some overexposure. Why?! I was so looking forward to this picture of Jon in an English garden.

So we finally got our Diana pictures developed from Europe (the color ones). BYU does it about 50 times cheaper than anywhere else, so Jake and Linds took them down for us (thanks!). When we got them back though, over half were overexposed in this oval pattern. We think our camera might have a crack in the lens or something. I really don't know crap about photography. I just try to look cool cause I have a plastic camera. So, I ate 2 large costco cookies because I had a major case of the bummers, but we still got some that looked ok. The rest are posted on our picasa album, but if you have any idea what happened, let me know. They might be able to be photoshopped--but again, another skill set I do not possess.


Kyle and Lesley said...

Hey I just thought it looked 'artsy.' Looks like your lens didn't open all the way, but what do I know? I really want a Diana, so if you figure it out, let me know :) I'm sorry that you're bummed, but I think they look pretty cool! I guess it's part of the love/hate romance with film, eh? you never know how your shots are going to turn out until you get them back.

Kenz is pretty good at photoshop, isn't she? She might be able to create an 'action' to crop them and systematically get rid of the shape without having to crop them one by one. Good luck!

Kenzie said...

those pictures turned out really awesome! The lens will get a glare on it, because it is plastic. Mine gets that too. I think that is all it is, and when there is really bright sun, it does that. but I love them! the colors are really great and I didn't even retouch them! Ours lately have been really blue.

Leslie said...

I like them too. I might have to join the Diana craze. By the way, I can't believe you found such a steal for your apartment. You guys deserve it!