Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrate your menses

Our summer has consisted of traveling interspersed with periods of nothing. I really like the nothing periods, personally, but then you have to create something to do. Although I would be the last to admit it, Boise is no New York when it comes to fun things to do at a moment's notice (see Kenz's blog). However, there were two festivals going on this weekend. The first was the Basque festival, and annual party filled with beer and meat and references to sheep herding. Boise has the highest non-European population of Basque people, and the Basques I know are pretty funny. So I had high expectations. We headed to the Basque square and were met by a group of people sitting in chairs staring at each other. We thought they were waiting for a parade, but nothing materialized. It was only 8:30, so we decided to hit up plan B, which was Goddess Fest. Goddess Fest brings together all things mystical, crystal, herbal, and feminine.

One of my favorite Goddesses. And that button shaped thing is a part of her bonnet (fur trimmed?).

We actually first saw Goddess fest that morning, when we went running on the greenbelt by Julia Davis Park. We were met by chanting, incense-burning costumed goddesses, hearing snippets like "New this year! Enjoy the Nice ritual!" and "Well, it's starting at 2:00, but you know pagan time..." I got a river rock to absorb my negative energy and wanted to come back. This festival did not disappoint. I was sad that we missed the belly dancers, but we were able to jam to Rastafarian tunes and get our toes read. After making a prayer flag invoking the power of gems to all and eating a really stale peanut butter cookie, we left satisfied. (all I had was my cameraphone, and these are taken creepster style so I couldn't get too close)

Fairies have wings, but sometimes only a golf cart will do.

Things always get better when you add a hula hoop to the mix.