Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills

I love Jon so much that I posted this fugster pic cause it was the only one with him in it.

Jon and I jumped at the chance to go to Girl's Camp for a night this week. So we headed up to Banks, Idaho, for "skit night." I laughed at all the wrong places, and joined with my mom in refusing to sing the "gooney bird" song. I love my mom's camp rebellion. It made me reunite with the ghosts of junior high past, but there were tons of treats and girl drama abounded.

What I've been reading lately. I'm working on emulating that thigh muscle.


David said...

Is that the daffodil song?

Jon said...

Seriously, she is reading that book.

Brett & Syd said...

Project Runway Season 5 started last night, I hope you watched or are planning on hitting up YouTube today. I have to go the YouTube route again, but I can't even wait.