Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We finally finished purchasing all our inter-European flights for our trip this summer (after completely changing our order of countries to visit)! Next step, lodging. If you know of any cheap/good hostels or hotels in London, Paris, Prague, Rome, Nice, Barcelona, or Madrid--let us know. We are so clueless. And happily so.


Kyle & Lesley said...

we can give you suggestions for hotels in London, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Barcelona...

I'll see if I can dig up our old reservations and pass along the contact info. We'd also be elated to give you a run down our favorite spots in each place... we could even provide a slideshow, narration, and dessert.
your own personal travel agents!

Two questions: what is your daily budget for hotels, and how long will you be staying in each place?

Kyle & Lesley said...

p.s. When are you going?

p.p.s SOOOOOOOOO jealous.