Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CD released into the wild

This weekend, a really great thing happened. My parents came to town. And, they finally got to see Jon cinch his bass up to his chin and rock. I've been trying to convince Kirt and Lorrie that Jon has a rocker side, but it needs to be seen in person to really experience it. So they came down for Declaration's CD release show. They put on their best outfits, all black mostly (I think they wanted to blend in with the crowd). It was a great show. DJ Abstract (aka John our next door neighbor) spun some tunes in between bands--he actually scratches and everything--and it was amazing.
My parents didn't come to the whole show--turns out they (when I say "they" I mean "my dad") got sucked into the 7th season of Gilmore Girls at Kenz's house. They missed an amazing performance from Johan the Angel. They use a vibraphone, for crying out loud!

Who that?... I joined the band for the last song. It was always my dream to be on stage with Jon. I don't think I could be heard much, so I tried to look as serious as I possibly could. The guy on the left, (electric violin, unbuttoned shirt, earphones, power stance) on the other hand, was playing like the Titanic was on it's way down.

Me and Kenz put on our best "Dad, don't take my picture again" faces. Well, my face says that. Kenz is on the verge of "one more picture and I will break your face."

And, last but not least, the melodica finally made its debut. It sounded great. The crowd was wowed. Someone whispered "a melodica..." in a hushed, astounded tone. Actually that was me. But I swear someone else said it too.

My parents got ice cream to celebrate the show afterwards. And we watched a little more Gilmore Girls. All in all, a great weekend.


Kirt said...

The concert was great! It was amazing to see Jon on bass and the melodica. We'd heard stories, but nothing compares with the real thing. And Mal on violin--that was a surprise--you never even hinted you's be joining the band. Malorie, of course, kindly didn't point out that we were the oldest rockers there by about--hmmm...2 decades, give or take a few years!
(This is mom writing, by the way!)

Tiffany said...

you are so cool

The Broadbents said...

When you guys go away to dental school you will have to start your own band together. I'm not sure how Jon will survive without his base and a stage. You both looked amazing up there, wish I could have been there.