Friday, March 14, 2008

Tator Tot: Oct 31, 2007-March 13, 2008

Bad news. Yesterday, my goldfish, Tator Tot, died. I was gone from the office Monday and on the way to work Tuesday Leslie gave me the bad news: Tator Tot was exhibiting weird behavior and it looked like the end. He was in a C-shape floating at the top of the bowl, except when he would do a series of acrobatic twists and dives. It actually looked pretty awesome. Except he was dying. This behavior lasted until Thursday. I couldn't get him to eat, and it looked like he was suffering badly. So I googled "kill goldfish." I didn't want to flush him or anything. I was looking for euthanasia tactics. One method was to give him a dose of clove oil and vodka, two things I did not happen to have on hand at work. I found one measly comment on this site about how someone tried Alka-Seltzer. Bingo. I asked around and found some. Tator was hovering near death, and I hoped this would push him over the edge. Several other coworkers gathered around, and I put the tablet (of death) in. It was like a bomb had gone off in the bowl. He was thrown around powerfully by the effervescence. Again, looked cool but a little sickening. Then it ended, and he was thankfully dead. Now he's in a better place, with better fish food and more oxygen. I think that's what killed him in the end. (my fault). I ended the day with cookies and a small emailed eulogy to celebrate Tator Tot's life. You can't spell funeral without fun, as Meredith has taught me. I miss him, but not enough to buy another fish. It would be nice to say I don't want to replace him. Really, I hated cleaning that nasty bowl.


Billy and Megan Smith said...

Oh, so sad! Just know that our little goldfish Jackson was there to welcome him to fish heaven!

Kirt said...

If you don't like cleaning a bowl for a goldfish, you better think long and hard before you consider taking on all you know will be part of adopting a dog from "Pets on Parade."

Jake said...

How did I know that Dad or Mom would write something like that.

Maybe Baxter and TT are having a good time. I think TT had a longer lifespan, though.