Saturday, March 29, 2008

proof a liger is a real animal

First, two things: I just deactivated my facebook because someone unknown kept hacking into it, and running 8 miles completely justifies eating a Costco dog.

Back to the post at hand--Thursday brought a celebration of the Bean Museum's 30th year of existence. For those of you who are not familiar with this place, it is a building stuffed to the gills with taxidermied animals of all kinds (although types of deer and antelope seem to dominate). It is also the perfect place to go take awkward pictures. To make the anniversary more special, Shasta the Liger was brought out of the glass case and an official photographer took your picture posing with him. Thus:

Kenz also was an instant winner--she won a liger tee shirt. I asked if I could have one too, but was denied. Jealous! Anyway, we couldn't help but explore the rest of the Bean.

Not only is this thing coming out of the wall, but he caught some tasty treats from the drinking fountain.

At the Bean, they strive to be environmentally accurate. Apparently this Manchurian Sika lost control of his bowel functions in a very public place (awkward!). Also, there is a jaw bone.

My old friend Neal Hunt would be in heaven in this place.

Big nose funny.


Kenzie said...

i love that picture with you and the bear with all my heart.