Monday, March 3, 2008

I see you starin at my kicks, foo

A while ago I found some almost-brand-new red high top chucks at the Idaho Youth Ranch (oh Boise thrifting, I miss you! but I will be seeing you soon.) One was missing a shoelace, so I recently stole shoelaces from Jon's old shoes so I could wear them. Then.. Jon starts looking at red, high top chucks online. Turns out someone had a case of shoe-envy. Then a box arrives from zappos. Now we have twinner shoes, and I couldn't be happier. I personally love it when we match, probably because Kenz never wanted to do it when we were going to college. She missed out.


Kirt said...

I just wanted to point out that your Beeps picture with Jon brushing his teeth in that sweater looks like a black and white TV show, "Dentist Knows Best" or something.

Billy and Megan Smith said...

Hey Malorie! I was just sitting here watching American Idol and looking at my sister's ward recipe blog. Can you believe I found your blog because of that? Yep, I linked to another recipe blog, which had a "mike and natalie" link, (I thought that might be Billy's cousins-it wasn't), and there was a Jake and Lindsey link. I said to myself, I know of a Jake and Lindsey. Guess what! It was the ones I knew! And there you were! Your blog looks super cute. Congrats on the new shoes!