Sunday, March 16, 2008

I keep it hotter than a stick of hot glue, and I'm scrapbooking everything we do

The day I was waiting for finally arrived. Gem day. Yes, Leslie and the Ly's finally happened. Jon, Meredith, Amber and Cass were all there and that was amazing, but to be honest, I would have gone by myself if necessary. And I was not disappointed. The place was packed, and we were squished next to some very nice gay guys who smelled of some sort of sweet cocktail. Leslie came out in all her gem speckled, gold spandex, 200 pound glory. It was hilarious, awe-inspiring, and dancetastic. I drove back to Provo with a smile on my face, and I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep because I was thinking about it. That's how great it was.

Our gay friend that we made at the show actually designed the fringe part of the outfit and the belt. Fierce.

The best part happened at the end, when she ended the concert with an impromptu dance party ala Britney Spear's Toxic. One of the greatest dance tunes of all time. We rushed to the stage and Leslie began to exit, and I basically leaned against her and blocked her from moving until Mere got this picture. Yes, I am going to blow this up to poster size and hang this up in my house.

We also discussed the possibility of Tapered Panties (the artist formerly known as Covington) getting back together. All we need is a little bit of Garageband and a little bit of magic.


Leslie said...

You look like a kid on Christmas morning. I'm glad you posted the video to share a little flavor of the magic.