Saturday, February 23, 2008

OMG (oh my gems!)

To start off, me and Kenz ran 6 miles today (PR!) although the first couple miles were rough for both of us, but Tilly and the Wall got me through. I had this major side ache for about 2 miles, and I found that singing out loud and making exaggerated gestures made it go away.

Later, me and Jon went to Barnes and Noble to purchase a travel book on Western Europe, and a large map to put up on the wall to track our itinerary with push pins (at Jon's insistence).  We are going to buy plane tickets for our fantastical European holiday this week.  I am so excited to go exploring--we just need to figure out where we're going to go!  We also hit up Saver's...I'm going to be honest, I was a little hesitant because the Provo Saver's usually does not yield any great successes...but I am happy to say I was wrong. Allow me introduce you to...

Yes, those are fake diamonds and leather winking at you.

My latest gem sweater!! This one has a great dolman sleeve, punctuated by shoulders filled with rhinestones, beads, and glittering jewels.  I was trying to find another gem sweater to attend Leslie and the Ly's, and this one stole my heart.  Gem sweaters are rarities nowadays, and so you got to pounce on those bad boys when you get the chance.  

Also, those spinach/carrot brownies are cooling as we speak.  I'll give you an update on their tastiness. Or if there is tastiness at all.


Lorrie said...

Dolman sleeves...I once had a sweater with dolman sleeves (minus the gems), when I was 15. (you do the math!)

Good job with the running. Also reminds me of my days at BYU. I took a Karate class, and our teacher encouraged us to make "noise". It helped with the punches. It works for Venus and Serena, too!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! It's even yuckier on the blog. Hip, but yucky.