Saturday, February 16, 2008

V-day is V-day!

My Valentine's day was so great. I got a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and we watched a movie. Jon surprised me with 2 cute spider flower things, and door bell ditched me with some vegan cookies and a big bag of jelly bellies. He's the best. He made me think that he wasn't doing anything and then he made Valentine's day the best ever. Last night we hung out with Kenz and Tyler and I nearly peed my pants when they gave me the run down on their Valentine's day (see their blog). My favorite part of the story was when one of them said to another (I won't say who) "You've ruined Valentine's Day!" We all had a good laugh about it. We also went to Maverick to get some frozen yogurt, which always reminds me of nights hanging out with my Dad, usually in jr. high or high school, and we would go to make the largest yogurt cones ever. Whenever we are all together, Tyler usually does something to make us all laugh--usually something embarrassing or awkward. Last night it was this--

Tyler was the last one to get yogurt and he walked away with the lever still down. I looked over and saw this pile of strawberry/cheesecake yogurt growing by the second. I apologize about the picture quality--It was on my camera phone and I couldn't stop laughing. And yes, Kenz did take a bite out of it.

I'm trying to catch up on my blogging since my dad is determined to out-blog me. I loved the picture of Mom with Max (pre-tumor face) with the sweater SHE KNITTED for him. I miss Max. We're heading to places other than Provo to go thrifting and I hope we find some gems! (and gem sweaters).


Kirt said...

That is pretty remarkable to admit that you would "hang out with your Dad" in jr and high school. I do remember those Maverick runs. I did pride myself on making the tallest, most compressed yogurt cones. And what is a vegan cookie? Without eggs? What else is there in cookie that would be evil? Other than all that sugar, but at least no sugar canes were killed in the making of that cookie.