Wednesday, February 13, 2008

oprah's even a little wary

My new year's resolution: Be a better wife. By that I mean--make at least a couple dinners a week. I also got a new cookbook for Christmas, "Deceptively Delicious," so I combined these two things together. I have to say this book looked interesting, although it looks like Mrs Seinfeld did not want to include funny as a part of her book. Jerry could have at least done an intro. ("Someone put sweet potatoes in my popsicle?....Newman!") Tonight we tried "Macaroni and Cheese: 2" which does not use pureed vegetables, but pureed white beans to make the sauce. You might be thinking...warning! warning! beans! But I did not listen. I pureed the beans with the milk (making what I liked to call "bean milk") added some cheese, and cooked up some multicolored whole wheat spirals. I mixed up the two with a little bit of faith and a healthy dash of fresh ground pepper. When I tried it, it was unavoidably... beany. And the sauce sort of solidified on the noodles so it was like I was eating refried beans and noodles. Jon didn't actually mind it, and had seconds, but I just could not bear it. Jerry's comments on the recipe from a cartoony head? "Wow...I can't even tell there are beans in here!" Lies, Jerry. Lies! I'm not saying the cookbook is bad, but this recipe was a thumbs-refusing-to-even-leave-the-confines-of-my-clenched-fist. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try and make brownies with spinach. ("wait until they are cooled for the spinach taste to completely disappear") Can't wait.