Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rock the stage and dodge those barrels

A memorable part of this weekend was watching "King of Kong" with Kenz and Tyler. I was nonchalantly sewing buttons on a dress at the beginning, and by the end I was sitting on the edge of the couch, yelling and waving my fists. This movie is A) hilarious B) endlessly educational on the land of competitive classic game playing and the people that exist within its hierarchy C) A classic illustration of the fight between good and evil (sidenote--I realize now that evil has long styled hair, wears american themed ties and tight black pants, and sells barbecue sauce while constantly giving a thumbs up.) D) Rated 99% on rotten tomatoes E) Now in my top 5 of favorite movies/documentaries F) Something you absolutely must see this week so I can tell you I told you so.

This past weekend Jon had two shows--one with Declaration in Salt Lake, and he jetted back over to Provo to play a last show with Maple Grove. Jon was filling in for a missing bass player for a few months, so his departure was inevitable, but he had a lot of fun playing with them. I barely made it to see him play--I walked over to Velour and he was already playing! I realized I brought a dollar less than what it cost, so I used my charms and didn't even have to pay. Actually I told them my husband was playing in an anxious voice and the owner took pity on me. I barged my way up to the front in my floppy hat with a pom pom and watched Jon's last harrah. There was a large high school crowd there, and at one point this girl turned to her friends and exclaimed loudly, "the bass player is HOT!" I wanted to tell her it was my husband so that she could be embarrassed. I was proud of Jon, not only for being hot, but for rocking out the great way he does. I also saw Meredith, Amber and Tiff, which was a treat in itself.


Kenzie said...

amazing. i love it. billy mitchell is amazing and everytime i see him, i can see the evil oozing out of him.

Meredith said...

you have a blog?! What a treasure! Your writing has always been enjoyable to me so I am thrilled about this.

Oh gobby.