Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No soup for you!

Although this happened last week I feel that it is very blog worthy. So in preparing to cram for a test that I had last week I decided to pick up some tropical skittles (the most delicious flavor) to keep me awake while studying. While browsing the various goodies in the back of the Twilight Zone in the Wilk a young man walked up next to me. "Mmmmm, soup!", he exclaimed as he opened the vat of clam chowder. He noticed me looking at him and looked over at me. I gave him a brief grin and a nod and continued searching for my skittles. There was something odd about this fellow that caused me to continue to watch him out of the corner of me eye, even though I had already located the tropical beans. He continued his soup excursion by grabbing the ladle and swirling the soup around to assure himself that it was of the right consistency. What then occurred still sends shivers down my spine. He lifted the dripping ladle out of the pot and brought it close to his face, stuck out his chin, puckered his lips, and from the best of my vantage point appeared to have taken a sip from the ladle!! Apparently what he tasted appealed to him because he proceeded to get a styrofoam cup and pour himself some lunch. Now normally I am a very non-confrontational kind of guy, but I feel that I should have done/said something to this obviously socially-backwards man (probably home schooled). But for some reason I couldn't. The shock was too great, I was stunned by this swap of soup saliva! Needless to say, I will never eat from a public pot of soup again.


The Broadbents said...

I love that you guys have a blog. We miss you guys and Hollyn will love seeing you pictures. The soup story is absolutely disgusting. FYI when you make the Pork you have to use Coke not Diet Coke.
Love you guys.

Seth and Brittney said...

k I pretty much threw up in my mouth a little when I read this... nasty! I think I will join with you in boycotting the public soup pots at BYU!