Tuesday, February 19, 2008

at least I got paid

I'm sure everyone enjoyed their President's Day holiday (except for Dad preparing for trial today!). I however, had to work. Jon was hoping the cast iron plant explosion in Springville somehow blew up my office so that I wouldn't have to go in. Alas, all was well. But, he did come and meet me for lunch, which is unusual since I only have a half hour. It was great to see him during the day, and we had a good lunch at Ginger's. Jon stayed home while I worked and did laundry, picked up the house, and made muffins (they tasted better then when I make them). What a great househusband!


Whitney said...

Oh when oh when will you be making those spinach brownies, i laughed outloud when i read about the "refried beans and noodles" and then I read it to bret and he laughed. oh i love blogworld.

Kirt said...

So, where did you get the cool wallpaper for your blog? Nice template. I don't love ours yet, but have no time to deal with it.