Friday, April 26, 2013

King of the Halls

Margot's Revenge

We are still working on being gentle, and sharing. This was a lesson on how not to squeeze a baby kitten to death.

Theo is less than two months away from turning three. Something he knows and talks about often. This kid loves party hats. His personality has exploded lately. We went to a playgroup this week, and the first part he was shy, wandering around the playground by himself or reading a comic book in a corner. Then, suddenly I saw him squealing and laughing with a group of kids, mimicking all their moves. I went to check on him once and he excitedly said, "We're going to space! Go away, Mommy!" I was so happy to go away. He left the park that day so exhausted from running around with sticks and letting four year olds push him on the swings. It was everything I was hoping for him for the past eight months. And he napped. I've given up fighting the constant nap battle, instead having quiet time and hoping for the best. He rarely naps, but I feel much less stressed by letting it go.

Theo is very outgoing, but easily becomes overwhelmed in new situations or among a crowd. This week we went to the mall, which had this place with a ton of inflatable play structures. There were hardly any kids there, so I thought it would be good to try it out for the first time. It took a while for him to get adjusted to how it felt to bounce--he really didn't like it at first. After some nudging from me he started to bounce and play in the little toddler areas. I couldn't even set Margot down on the inflatable surface without her freaking out. Same thing at a rhythm/dance class at the library today--he shut down and would hardly look at me, and wouldn't even hold some rhythm sticks. There were a million kids and a lot of loud music, and Margot was pretty chill although she would quickly shut me down if I tried anything bouncy or cheesy.

Favorite things lately: "This is my favorite." Counting past ten, not in order, including "eleventeen." Starting sentences with, "Well, actually..." Yelling, "Margot Laaady!" The way he sings songs to himself all the time, sometimes in falsetto. How much he loves his daddy. The way he dances and sings to Kipper (and laughs, which is funny cause I think that show is so boring). He loves nursery, and doesn't want to leave.

Theo loves to swim, and loves to jump off the diving board. In fact, if he ever jumps off of anything he treats it like a diving board and goes full on belly flop straight for your face. It can make for a hard catch.


Lorrie said...

Theo--what a cutie!

naomi said...

I also think Kipper is a bit boring. The over-affected accents are a bit much for me too. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You're right, I think the returns will compound. Sometimes I think I'm not cut out for this, but balking at a hard task won't make it easier or less worthwhile I guess.