Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Costco run (also, Chipotle)

Juarez and the fence.

Last weekend we drove down to El Paso to buy a bike trailer/jogger from Costco. When you get to El Paso, the freeway does this slight bend and runs along the Mexico border, giving you a peek over a small canyon into Juarez. Every time we make the trip I'm fascinated by it--this completely different world that exists right there past the river. You know what else fascinates me? The Mormon colonies that are over there. Maybe it's growing up in Idaho, but I did not even know they existed until we moved here. A lady in the branch was talking about how her husband was born in the Mexico in the colonies and then Mitt Romney was talking about his dad, and everyone else in the southwest who has some cousin's friend who lived there and it made me wonder what they were talking about. Now after the fact it feels a little ridiculous I did not know about this little Mormon subculture. (Unless you didn't know about it--did you?) It reminded me of the time in college that I found out wolverines were real animals. My world was rocked. Also narwhals. Animals are not my forte.

We are headed to Mexico soon, obviously not Juarez or the colonies part. I am bringing a book you can physically hold and read. And a sun hat and a rash gaurd and hopefully no tan lines. Cause I love shade, ever so much.


Lorrie said...

See you soon! And I'm sorry I never told you about the Mormon colonies in Mexico. It never occurred to me. I did know about them, though.

Clark + Kjerstin said...

Love your writing... I am always entertained :) How far of a drive is it from your place to El Paso?