Monday, April 8, 2013


Jon has always been after his family to go to Organ Stop Pizza, and they usually ignore him. We went finally, and had I known of the bubble filled, cat puppet dancing, muppet-esque show that was to come I would have gone five years ago. But maybe not back again? Might be a one time thing.
Eggs+ swimming

The final minutes of Theo's hair before it was to be "cleaned up" and barely trimmed by a certified hair stylist. Can't wait to see what six month's growth will look like with this one.

Paige is admiring Margot's socks-over-leggings look.

Jon is a gem. I know he looked at my receipt from Sephora but didn't say a word.

donuts+pjs. Yes, that is a maple buttermilk bar. Portland just gets better and better.

I was always excited for Jon to be done with school, but things like spring break and two week Christmas breaks that come along with it can really dull the pain. I was worried that spring breaks would be no longer, but hello! paid vacation. Much better. We first drove to Arizona to spend Easter with Jon's family and the cousins, which Theo loved of course. He loved finding eggs and checking the contents of each one. Some kids would feel bad and put their eggs in his basket--I say good for him! I made a four layer carrot cake that, for once, lived up to my expectations. Theo got in a few refresher swim lessons from his grandma, who is the best swim teacher around, and loved going all out on the diving board. I always spend a good amount of time grumbling about the heat and that sun thing, but I always enjoy breaking out my saltwaters a few months earlier than I am used to. Arizona also means catching up on my Bravo reality shows I miss so much (not the housewives ones, c'mon) and eating a lot of Cheez-its. Always great. Margot got more comfortable with Grandma than she has before--so much that Jon and I went out and after a scream filled bedtime, she promptly went back to being wary of even an arm shrug in her direction.

After carb loading, we all flew from there to Portland. I was itching to feel that constant rain drizzle and sweater requiring breezes. And well, everything, because I love Portland and feels like home to me. Most importantly, I spent quality time with wonderful adults and Theo got to play with friends in some of his old favorite spots. I also spent a lot of money overhauling my make up bag with friends that are close enough to tell me when a lipstick color is going to far into the matte-90s-goth realm. And also close enough to agree that my eyebrows were crazy and needed a lot of work--then proceeded to take matters into their own hands and fix it. After my transformation to a true lady, (Jon was taking classes throughout, unfortunately) we made room for our favorite doughnuts and reggie deluxe with egg over easy at Pine State, and a few others like "live" nachos and remembering how to bus our own tables after eating. We had the most generous and gracious hosts, and little Nellie put up with Theo's antics and human-bowling-using-an-exercise-ball game the best she possibly could, as she and Margot became unintentional bowling pins several times.

We flew back and drove almost immediately to Las Cruces, maybe regretting the mega travel day we made for ourselves, but I loved it anyway. Now I'm sitting amidst a crazy load of unpacking that I will likely put off for a few days. It's not fair since Jon had to go back to work today and see 20 patients, but I killed a roach this morning and am going grocery shopping later so...


vanessa said...

make-up night was so fun! you should have returned the favor and told that lady to your left that she needs to ease up on that eyeliner because her eyes look like black holes. and jon's not sweating that bill cause he's a doctor now. and you are mrs doctor jonathan hall. miss you already!

wrenny80 said...

Oh how I wish you could have experienced Organ Stop in its hay day when Geri, Jon, Carson, and I were little. That was one of my FAVORITE places to go!! So fun to see your pictures of your experience at that wacky place!! Love and miss you guys!!