Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kite as friend

My birthday was great. I got a chambray shirt I'm going to wear the other days I'm not wearing my other chambray shirt, went out to eat without kids, and my hair looked awesome. And Jon got me my very own socks he promised not to wear and thus destroy. In other news, it's hot/windy/slightly chilly here all at the same time, which means you have to wear sunscreen with sweatshirts and you get to fly kites. Oh, and I'm a little sad that Margot hates swings. Who hates swings?

We've been in our house a month--and a couple of weeks ago we got served (!) with a bunch of legal papers that told us our house was being foreclosed on. Big thanks to my attorney dad who can speak in legal terms and hopefully will make our property manager feel bad that she mopped our dirty-a** floors with a sponge and how dare I complain that they are filthy and dirty! I don't know why lawyers get such a bad rap, it's real estate people who keep me in a constant state of eyes-rolled. Who cares that our house is getting foreclosed on--I want justice after moving into a "professionally cleaned" house that got the once over with a dust rag.


vanessa said...

haha, glad you got more chambray! now you just need a few denim shirts to rotate in and you won't have to think about anything before getting dressed like me.

it took me a minute to decipher if you were quoting your property manager or not. i want to hear you swear for real.

our prop manager lied and told us this place had been recently and professionally cleaned before we moved in. and when we got here we found dried pee all over the toilets. i let her know that my a was not about to clean that up. prop managers are the worst because they are the gate keepers to the terrible landlords. we're still waiting on our dishwasher that doesn't drain.

anyhow, those pics of theo with the kite make me happy, ou should frame them. and happy birthday!!!

naomi said...

I liked the part when you were like 'my hair was awesome'. that's a good day. Also, your property manager should rot in hell. Or at least an unairconditioned office until she sweats.