Thursday, April 11, 2013

Margot 10 months

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Ever cautious on the sit down.
So I was in the midst of opening a Roth IRA account, but blanked on Jon's social--so here I am. My mind has been super fried the past two days, mommy life has been a little out of control without any breaks. I am constantly switching the letters of two word phrases, my shoulders are hunched around my ears, and I find it amazing that I got dressed this afternoon and went to the store. Theo might have thrown a couple of the things I needed out of my cart, but oh well. I forgot about 12 important things anyway so I'll be back.

But Margot, miss Margot. My itsy lady fell off the chart for height and down to 3% for weight (a little over 15 pounds), so we are in operation chub mode. I hope she's getting used to the taste of coconut oil and coconut cream. I'm not too worried as I think she is just a petite treat but I'm going to err on the side of baby rolls. I find myself amazed that Margot understands certain words and phrases, even though I'm sure it's developmentally appropriate. She makes the sign for milk, the cutest thing in the world, and waves her hands around when I say "all done?" I thought she was growing out of her clingy phase, but it seems she has entered a new, even more clingy one. She will smile and laugh at anyone around her--just don't try and hold her! Margot desperately loves to play peek-a-boo. She'll pull a blanket over her eyes or (my favorite) slap a hand over one eye. She also likes to make a wa-wa noise by rubbing her fist over her lips while making noise--she copies me when I flap my lips with my fingers. She loves books with pictures of real babies. She loves her water bottle, and tends to be selective or wary of new food. I gave her hair a little trim the other day to straighten up the crazy parts, but it can hold a hair clip just barely. She sleeps well all though the night, and takes two 1.5 hour naps a day.

She did not like her first experience in a park swing, and also hates baths outside of her baby tub. 

And a couple weeks ago she got her first tooth! Left bottom, pretty sure it happened while I was on
the phone after a burst of unexplained fussiness.


Lorrie said...

what a beauty! and that little bum is the cutest!

Kirt said...

Any size she comes in, she is the cutest thing. Love her.

vanessa said...

mar mar! fatten up little lady! cheese and coconut oil before fruits and veggies! she's such a sweetie, i miss that cute girl.

stacey said...

beautiful girl! (and what lovely lighting in your new place!) i wish our two little gals could hang out...they are so similar. good luck with all the joys of mommyhood.