Monday, December 10, 2012

Half Birthday

My attempt to capture the booty pop.

We went on our first jog together last week.

I can't believe Margot is six months already! I still remember her birth story far too clearly.  Although I like her birth story, I don't mind remembering it. She is changing incredibly quickly, learning new things every day. She's not eating solid food yet (see post below), but rolls all over the place and pops up on her hands and knees all the time. That motion makes her look like she is popping her little booty and it is my favorite thing she does right now. She also sits independently and is starting to figure out the jumperoo we borrowed from her cousins. Her bottom teeth are imminent--we are just starting the fun teething stage. She sleeps completely unswaddled usually on her side or tummy, which makes her look so old to me. She goes to bed around six, and usually wakes twice at night to eat, once if she wants to give me a special treat. She is very happy and smiley, but her laughs are more rare--I usually have to tickle her. Theo has been able to make her laugh without tickling though. We moved Theo to a booster chair and her to his old clip on high chair and she loves it. Her hair is growing steadily, looks like it may be light brown, but I'm not quite sure. At least I know she will be keeping those big beautiful blue eyes of hers--the only thing guaranteed with our kids. We love this baby something fierce.


vanessa said...

happy six months mar mar! you are a beauty and i can't believe how fast this time has gone. stay six months until april, ok? xo