Thursday, December 6, 2012


This picture most accurately depicts how she acts when she tries a bite

She loves it! Wait, her brother was just making a silly face.

For some reason I was getting so excited to feed Margot solid foods. She was always grabbing at a cracker in my hand and trying to put it in her mouth. Once she got a handful of soft chocolate cake at a church activity, and it made me think about just how wonderful it would be to take a handful of cake and just squeeze it. It me fantasize of her first taste of real food--she would love it and proceed to eat anything I put before her after that. I guess I forgot how babies at this age will grab at anything and put it in their mouths. And when you are my child, that means you want to eat everything but food. With Theo, I was anxious because I thought all babies would love food no matter what, and was surprised when it was not the case with him. So with Margot I lowered my expectations. They got even lower when she reacted to a bottle of pumped breast milk on the Thanksgiving trip like it was poison. Like how Michael Pollan would act if forced to drink straight red dye #40. But I still kept my hopes up. Maybe she would be different! Maybe she will gobble up new healthy foods with relish! While we are in that mind frame, maybe my next baby will have brown eyes and olive skin. It just isn't going to happen. Avocado was the first food (again, why do I repeat myself?) and Margot grimaced through the first few tastes. It was like she was saying, "Yeah Mom, this is delicious, thanks!" but wanting to puke at the same time. I tried it again today, same thing. I even tried to give her a spoonful of straight milk. No go. Theo did not eat solid food until about 8 months or so, so at least I don't have to torture myself this time thinking I am doing something wrong. She'll get there. I'm kind of relieved not to worry about it, actually. I can now focus on getting her brother to try that piece of chicken on his plate that is exactly like every other piece of chicken he has eaten in his life, but without breading. And that piece of pineapple that is slightly warm that you won't touch? Tastes just like the cold piece that you will eat for days. So thanks, Margot, for reminding me that feeding kids is a chore.  I know you just didn't want to add any more stress to my life. You are a wise little baby. A wise, wise little baby.


naomi said...

Oh man, kids are so weird. I definitely sympathise with this post.

stacey said...

oh i am so glad you posted this! maggie loves to grab things and put them in her mouth, but she will NOT eat solid food...i was worried i was doing something wrong but i'll just be patient. and like you said, enjoy not having the chore of feeding one extra child!

Cathleen N Mike said...

Yes, feeding is so hard for us too. James is super picky- Elli wasn't, she ate anything. He only like fruit. It's good to be reminded that it is normal for babies to be picky. Once I tried to feed him peas and he screamed at me so hard- as if I had just stabbed him. ;)