Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It did have a blanket as a tree skirt for a while.

Trimming the tree took about four days. We were able to bypass the crappy Walmart trees and bought one from the local 4-H club. We could have cut one ourselves for $5 anywhere in the Gila National Forest, but we concluded that too many things could go terribly wrong in that scenario (mostly, we don't have an axe). It is very Charlie Brown-esque--it is missing a few branches, has a large bald spot, and I really like it. It's about eight feet tall, which is awesome. It would be even more awesome if we owned a tree topper, but we don't. We also didn't feel like pulling out a ladder either.

These pictures were from night two of decorating. I had all these romantic aspirations for Night 1, and then an ornament from 1988 broke, plus two others*, and when I went to take pictures our camera battery was dead. Christmas ruined! Then we decided to finish the next day. Christmas saved!

*Tile floors have been our downfall, and the literal downfall of several mugs, plates, spice jars and a wooden toy of Margot's (her favorite!) since we moved. It breaks everything.


vanessa said...

ours has a blanket as a tree skirt too. i love your charlie brown tree! it looks so happy. i can't believe how old theo is looking and how much he looks just like jon!

Lesley said...

I have used a blanket or piece of fabric for 8 years! I finally made a tree skirt this year, but we still haven't found the perfect tree topper. :)