Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is rad.

These two pictures aren't really Christmas related, except that the weather has been super nice lately. I may gripe a lot about it sometimes, but this time desert climate wins. Also we were taking a walk where the paved road ends by our house--super secret Ted Turner land with no trespassing signs. We are adventurous.
Wal-mart has terrible trees--but I did find this small one for now made out of a bristle brush. And maybe a little accessory for Christmas, don't want to give it away but it starts with "b" and ends in "olo."
Christmas with a toddler makes the season about a hundred times more fun. This year Theo realizes what Christmas is (mostly, Santa is a little over his head right now) and loves Christmas trees and dancing to Christmas songs. Our Christmases past were a little lackluster at home due to always going somewhere else, and me not caring about decorating very much. But things have changed, and Theo has awoken the Christmas spirit in me. As in, I bought a glue gun yesterday. We are upping the meager decorations and I am making an advent calendar of my own invention and not the internet's. Although it is made of things I bought from the internet, which is why we are starting a bit late. And presents. I am so excited for Theo to open his gifts, the parking garage we got him is going to blow his mind!

Yesterday I made green eggs and ham with some kale--I wasn't sure if Theo would be into it, and sure enough he kind of freaked out at the sight of them. But then I said they were special Christmas "Grinch" eggs and then he thought they were awesome. Thank you, Christmas.


vanessa said...

yes! can't wait to see the bolo tie and the advent calendar. that's on my list but i doubt it will happen until next year... we are decorating big too amd it's so fun! nellie loves dancing to the music and hiding things in the stockings. so... apparently she understands the holiday quite well. miss you guys! wish we were celebrating together!

James said...

that tree could make a festive toilet bowl scrubber! we're jealous of your desert weather and scenic vistas.

stacey said...

i'm so impressed that you did your own advent calendar. i'm a bad mom and haven't done one...and what parking garage did you buy? i have been looking but haven't found one that i like