Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Green Chile Christmas

I think the theme of this Christmas was that we matched a lot.

They got asked if they were twins a lot. They do have the exact same big blue eyes.

They had so. much. fun. (I think.) Wouldn't you rather come to rural New Mexico, than say...anywhere?

First booty pop, such a proud aunt.

Loved her new toys, loved the wrapping paper even more.

Pretty sure we will be a Hanna Anderson family forever after this.

I really liked making clay ornaments. Kenz and I painted them in silence, mega focused. Ignoring the needs of our children. (well, that was probably just me.) I also have a cross stitched one for Margot to finish. And clay hand prints. And a baby knit hat. And a necklace. The snow globes were shelved. But I'm determined to make those some time soon.

Kenz found these matching shirts for Jon and Theo that I gave them. So amazing. Margot and I had to match also just because.

I loved making Arlo a set of clip on bow ties for Christmas. Because you're never fully dressed without a bow tie. And he is killing it.

Today is December 26, quite possibly one of the most depressing days of the year. Up until now, our Christmases have been long school breaks that end after the new year, and usually by then we are ready to go home and back to our usual routine. Now, Jon is a real adult that has to work the day after Christmas. But despite the maturation of our lives, this Christmas might have been one of my favorites ever. Kenz and Tyler decided to sacrifice almost two weeks of their Christmas break (which he will likely have forever--sigh of jealousy) and make the long, multi-step process of traveling to our home in Truth or Consequences. It was so nice to have my twin sister and such good friends in our house. I have missed that so much! And of course Arlo, who is such a cutie. At one point in the trip I had a hard time telling Arlo and Margot's cries apart, which was really weird. But they are genetic half siblings, after all. Even their dog Gigi made the voyage, her tiny seven-pound body almost getting swept away in some 50 mph winds we had one day. We planned a lot of craft projects, made some awesome food from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, and we all spent a lot of time in our matching pajamas. Margot started scooting, Arlo perfected his rollover, and even gave his first booty pop on their last day here. Theo loved having them here too, even though he did torture Gigi most of the time. Kenz and Tyler experienced New Mexico to its fullest--eating a lot of green chile, purchasing turquoise, and buying marble-dyed matching shirts from the crazy tie dye man in town. (Remember, take a picture together and he will put you on the website!)

We had Christmas on Sunday as they were flying out Christmas Day, and it was really fun to borrow traditions from our families as well as create some of our own. Theo was given probably too many presents as he was opening things on Monday, but that was mostly because we only opened something new when he asked. His delight and repeated gasps of "what is it?" were amazing. On the other hand, Margot got a couple new toys from relatives and some pacifiers from us in her stocking. I guess we save all the money we don't spend the first two Christmases and then spend it all on the third.

On the real Christmas morning, Theo gave me the best 5:30 am snuggle I have ever had--no kicks, eye pokes, or wiggles. And it made me realize just how much I love our family and have about a million blessings just by having them around.

I also realized that someone could make about a million dollars by creating a maid service that specializes in cleaning and organizing your house the day after Christmas. (she says while sitting around eating sugar cookies and thinking of that sad, depressing, (even, embarrassing) Michael McClain song from that one Christmas thing he does. Forgotten Carols. I really had hoped I would not remember that, but that's what you get for having a brain that specializes in random facts and performances viewed as a child.)


vanessa said...

i can't get over those cute little christmas elf babies! so glad you had some awesome company for christmas, it looked so fun!