Monday, February 1, 2010

When excitement leads to tears

My twin sister Mackenzie is super talented. Her magnets are featured in this month's Crochet Today!, one of the most highest regarded crochet magazines (I didn't have to tell you that, of course). In celebration, she is having a giveaway on her blog to win some of these great magnets, which have super powers to never come unstuck from the fridge/magnet board placed thereon.

The magnets you can win!

Unless. I wanted to take a picture to post of my special "face" magnets, which were hand embroidered with the likeness of Jon and my face (Tyler deserves some credit here). They are amazing. I love them. And then I could not find my face. And then I remembered an unfortunate incident where I was throwing around a deflated kick ball with Mia, the dog I watch occasionally, and how I have a small apartment, and how I threw the ball into my magnet board, causing a small explosion. I must have knocked off my face magnet. The explosion of stuff caused our trash can to pop open... and I think you can deduce the rest. Needless to say I'm a little (a lot) depressed. And in need of a new face magnet.

Jon's face magnet. The detail! The mustache! I also need a baby face magnet. With a baby mustache.

But check out Kenz's blog and try to win some magnets of your own! If she's anything like me (and she is, obviously) each new comment is like a tiny slice of joy. Served on a tiny plate, with a tiny fork. (but that may be just me)


kenzie said...

tiny fork indeed! Don't worry mals, we'll get you a new face mag, and a baby face one. Don't forget that tyler gets all the credit for the faces, what talent! you're so funny.

meredith said...

just like the time tiff and candace kicked the ball into the karaoke machine...

Sad day.

Great magnets