Friday, February 19, 2010

It kind of looks like a shoebox

Jon has been wanting a record player so badly. We've looked on Amazon, ebay, and Craigslist to find a cost-appropriate option (I preferred one with a small footprint). I tend to give up after a while, but this kid is persistent. On the way back from the coast he tracked one down outside of Portland, and we stopped by with a record to test it. All I have to say is, thank goodness for hoarders. We've met several interesting people from Craigslist adventures; Bob who sold us the tivo who had 3 crazy recliners instead of a couch and his genius daughter's typewriter-piano instrument invention mounted on the wall, and a giant of a woman with her GIANT Big-Dawg wearing son who bought our enormous overstuffed leather chair (match made in heaven, that one). This most recent woman had a house that lives in my mother's nightmares--it was overflowing with cluttery, dingy, kind of weird smelling stuff. But she had a huge flat screen TV. $10 and a clorox wipe (or two) later, the next Sunday morning was filled with the sound of vintage Mormon Tabernacle Choir tunes.



Get Weird said...

holy crap, that thing is amazing

Lorrie said...

gee, now I'm sorry I got rid of my Chicago albums. That looks great, and I love the snazzy print on the top. And I cleaned out three closets today.

Kirt said...

Had I only known, I would have kept my Cowsils record for you.