Tuesday, February 16, 2010

impromptu mid-week getaway

Including: Storms, wind, a fireplace, ocean, meh chowder at Mo's. (& too many jelly bellies!) Ignored my cell phone. Not that anyone called.

Of note: Valentine's weekend made me the ecstatic new owner of two coral-colored (!) latte bowls. Pink and I may not be great friends, but me and coral are BFFs.


kenzie said...

looks great, nice pictures! I need some more latte bowls. We are down to 6-8 and like 3 of those are cracked. we love our bowls! coral is the best pink ever. warm pinks and reds all the way.

linds said...

where's the pics of mal? i want more mal pics! looks like fun!

Malorie said...

They were all blurry.

Lorrie said...

Chowder at MO'S!!!??? Was it just too wonderful? I love that chowder!
Did I miss the pics of the latte bowls?