Thursday, October 9, 2008

Experimentation with Beans, Part II

Yes, this was dinner. Yes, that is my extremely wrinkly hand.

Oh, my need to try new recipes. Experimentation with Beans, Part I, was a shudder-worthy gastronomical disaster. This time I had high expectations because all the ingredients were things I liked to eat (black beans, sweet potato, a large amount of cumin), and nothing was pureed. And Martha had a really pretty picture.

See? Don't you want to eat this? I don't know what happened with mine, but they kind of looked like shiz. And while edible, we gave it a "meh." They were bland. And don't even get Jon started on the shiz patties' companion food, jicama slaw. I should have known to never mention that word that is associated with a mayo based salad purchased from KFC. It created a tension experienced rarely in our marriage, even though no mayo or sauce was involved.


Kenzie said...

love it! I for one know that Martha's instructions always seem easy, but then it doesn't turn out. I laughed so hard. Tyler looked over and said, what is that?

Kirt said...

Think "Cod Surprise," which "Looked really good in the magazine." But we all know that what looks good on the one dimensional photograph does not represent reality.

James said...

what are you two going to be for halloween?