Friday, October 31, 2008


Kenz and I have similar posts today. (check out her blog, their Halloween costumes are great.) We were both talking and decided to each make a mom Halloween favorite. I made her delicious sugar cookies, although my frosting job could never compare to the magic of Lorrie. Jon helped me decorate, but that was probably obvious. I'm staring at them right now, knowing that overnight they have become amazingly soft and delicious...

Also, I was tagged in a post by Jessie (at first I had to figure out if she knew another Malorie) but for those who roll eyes at the sight of a tag post, I've only chosen one category. I've ignored too many tags and I know my mom would enjoy reading this (Happy early birthday!). I was going to split my post but the instructions were too complicated.

1. The washing machine ate $1.25 (total lost: $3.75)
2. Sent my first purchase from my etsy shop, and now my net profit is -3 dollars. When the guy told me shipping was $17 I nearly threw up.
3. My visiting teacher came over with her potty training 2 year old, and I'm 90% she fell in my toilet.
4. Made enchiladas with pumpkin sauce.
5. Made my mom's sugar cookies for the first time. Bought shortening for the first time.
6. My free internet came back, and I lost my desire to purchase it.
7. Cut myself side bangs with my cutco kitchen scissors.
8. Went to book club and discussed vampires. NOT the Twilight ones. Thank heavens.

I was supposed to tag 8 people. If you just read that sentence and secretly wished I tagged you, you're tagged.


Kenzie said...

thank you! yours is the best tag post i have ever read! It might make me do one someday instead of pretending to forget.

Megan said...

That cookie was delightful. I want more...!

linds said...

I made your mom's sugar cookies, too! I used cookie cutters and made them into ghosts and pumpkins. I should've taken a pic, too! They sure were delicious!

Lorrie said...

your cookies look fabulous, too, Mal. Thanks for the compliment, though. Look at Kenzie's blog for the secret of perfect frosting!

And I did enjoy reading the tag. I did notice that everyone I tagged conveniently "forgot" when I tagged you.