Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little People, Only Produce Big Pumpkins.

Can you guess this Portland-area celebrity I'm trying to pose with?

This past weekend we visited the famed Roloff Farms (from tv show Little People, Big World) with some friends. We went for pumpkins, but I guess we were really on the hunt for a Roloff sighting. It was interesting, in that it wasn't that interesting. I guess I was expecting more? All of the pumpkins were a similar larger size, except for a small corral of little, cute pumpkins that were "reserved." I guess those are reserved for little people, but I'm claiming average size discrimination. We didn't pay to go on the tours, buy Matt Roloff's book, "Against Tall Odds," or buy "Molly's Jam" with her face on the jar. Or a $20 t-shirt. But I did tour the "Pumpkin House" filled with paper mache pumpkins with human expressions doing human things, which thoroughly creeped me out.

Give up? It's Grandpa Roloff, who, as I suspected, only owns one outfit--a sheriff's costume. Seriously.

Oh, the horror of the pumpkin catapult. I guess almost killing your son and farmhand wasn't enough for Papa Roloff to get rid of this. Jon actually checked it for blood.


Billy and Megan Smith said...

I can't believe you didn't go on the tour!!!! That is too funny. I'll be looking for you on the show. As for us, we are looking forward to a field trip to good old Linder Farms. :)

Tyler and Megan Scott said...

I can't believe you let Jon get that close to that weapon of death! He is a brave man.